19 September 2017

Arrival in Vancouver, BC

Our 2 month backpacking adventure has officially begun! We arrived in Vancouver 4 days ago. We are very excited to be back in Canada to explore a city that has long been on our bucket list.
On our first day we decided to venture out without our cameras, only our vlogging one, as to get our bearings and get a feel of the city. We made our way towards Coal Harbour & the edge of Stanley Park before returning to the hotel for an early night. These pictures were taken on my phone! Luckily we had beautiful weather on our first day. The sky was the perfect summer blue, utterly clear, giving us a picturesque view of the mountains in the distance. We couldn't seem to look away. Our eyes were drawn to them, the strong outline against the blue sky, the thousands of giant trees, which seemed so out of this world. You could almost imagine a dragon emerging from deep within the valley, like the great stories in which the world is still full of mystery and magic.

Stanley park is huge. We wanted to explore it fully during our trip so we only covered a very small area on our first day. We walked along Coal Harbour to the edge of the park before taking the path which stretches around the beach front and opens up towards the sea and North Vancouver. We spent a long while just taking in the view on the beach, watching the sea planes disappear into the distance and appreciating the fact that we made it. A year of brutal budgeting and hard work, and we are here, in a city we always wanted to discover.

We will be using our film camera on this trip, but we won't be able to share these until we get them developed back home. it will a difficult wait - worrying the pictures didn't come out well, or that the roll of film same out blank. I already look forward to having them printed in my hands, to remind me of the lovely tie we've had (so far) in Vancouver.

All of these were taken on my Samsung S8, I will be using my standard kit lens for the rest of our trip but will definitely share both on the blog as the pictures quality on my S8 is very impressive, and it would be a waste to not share them on here!

We will be sharing some outfit posts again very soon, as well as some pictures taken in Stanley Park. If you have any restaurant, cafes or other recommendations please share as we would love to hear them!

Summer x

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