26 August 2017

The Natural History Museum in 35mm film

On a busy Saturday in August, Summer & I made our way in to London to visit one of our all time favorite places: the Natural History Museum. We grew impatient as we slowly approached the Exhibition Entrance, the queue stretching all the way down the street, full of summer visitors and tourists. When we finally got through, our bags checked and cameras out, we pretty much ran all the way to the main gallery, excited to finally to feast on the sight of Hope. Hope, the skeleton of a gigantic blue whale, now suspended from the beautiful ceiling.

The Museum was packed (as to be expected on a Saturday during the summer time), which was a shame as we were very excited about trying out our new wide angle lens for our film camera, a bargain at only £40 on eBay. We realized the risk of shooting in low light situations on film, but wanted to test it out before taking it with us when travelling.
The Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London, is a truly wonderful building. Established in 1881, the building has a rich history & mesmerizing architecture: a great playground for all photographers hoping to capture it's beauty. Thanks to the corridors on the upper levels of the main hall, the grand staircases and dramatic arches, the photography possibilities are endless.

Due to the installation of Hope, the new main feature in the main hall, the museum has been shut in several areas during the past few months. This was the first time this year that I've seen the upper corridors in the main hall & the alcoves open with new exhibits! There is always something new to read or new space to discover, the perfect rainy day out. It's no secret that we go to Museums quite often, and the NHM never fails to impress me. I fall in love with it over & over again.

The Main Hall is my favourite, it's impossible to not be reminded of Hogwarts. The tall arches, the stairways - it's wonderful packed or empty. Unlike the V&A, the Natural History is often packed with families and children, whereas the V&A is usually visited by young adults & adults. It's quite a stark contrast when you visit both in one day, as we usually go to the V&A for pricey but incredible scones & tea (not to mention the cafe there is beautiful).

A lot of the pictures in this post are out of focus, but we decided to share them anyway. Sometimes it's nice to share pictures that aren't technically good, but that still capture the moment. We've been using our Canon A1 film camera for over 4 years now, so we've been able to master manual & film through practice & perserverance. Despite this, every now and then we get a bunch of film pictures back that are a little disappointing - but I keep them none the less. The reason these ones came out burry is because of the new lens, whose focusing ring takes some getting use to. It's also due to the low light and warm tones of the location. But at least now we know what works best with this new lens and what doesn't. I'm looking forward to sharing more wide angle film shots with you all over the next few weeks!

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