21 August 2017

St James Park, London

The above picture was taken around 10pm in Trafalgar Square, just after seeing Disco Pigs at the Trafalgar Studios. I've always loved the atmosphere in London in the evenings, especially after 7pm everything seems to slow down, as if every one has rid themselves of the work related stress of the day. If you haven't been shopping in Oxford Street in the evenings, I would suggest going after 7pm. It's a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. I have yet to fully explore all of London's parks, having been to St James Park only a handful of times since moving here. We did however walk through some new areas in Hyde Park a few days ago which was lovely in the sun.

I opted for my dusty pink floral body-suit from Zara, a rather elegant piece that can still be worn with jeans which makes it perfect for those after-work outings. The cropped flared jeans from & Other Stories are the best fitting jeans I've had in a while, despite being thick denim which is a little uncomfortable for sitting down, they still fit perfect around the waist & over the hips. The biker jacket is from Zara and was one of those spontaneous buys last year. The fit & the fact that it's warm and also faux-suede is what pushed me to buy it, I've worn it with jeans, dresses and skirts so it's very versatile despite it's colour. 

Holly is wearing her Zara green bomber jacket & these paisley print silky trousers which have to be one of my favourite buys this year. There was a matching longline blazer that was sadly too pricey for me but I keep hoping it will magically appear half price in the shop someday so I can work the full outfit. I've noticed this year that I haven't been buying as many clothes as usual, opting instead for more investement pieces that will last me for the years to come, and hopefully playing a part in reducing the waste caused by the fast-fashion industry.

I'm currently back home in France for the next few days so my social media may be a little quiet, due to the painfully slow wifi but also because I want to enjoy some quality family time as I haven't seen my parents for longer than 2 days at a time since Christmas! I've been outside most of the time enjoying the sun & finally being reunited with our lovely animals.

As always these film pictures were taken on our Canon A1, we recently got a wide angle for it so we will be sharing those pictures in the following days! Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer. x

Summer x

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