23 August 2017

Lost in nature - 35mm film

Whether it's walking between the tall tree trunks, in the overgrown fields, or jumping across a small river - I always feel re-energized when I'm around nature. I'm currently sat outside back home in the garden as I type this, writing to the sound of birds singing with only the occasional car to disturb the silence. My time of living in a small city is coming to an end (although I will most certainly be back), and not once will I miss the busy commute, the constant drone of cars and helicopters, police sirens, or the lack of greenery. I am preparing myself for a complete culture shock, for feeling utterly small in the great outdoors. Although peace can be found in busy cities (as pictured above), I've found it hard to balance it out. I thrive in central London. You can feel the buzzing energy as soon as you walk into the tube, and I love it. Yet I crave nature, and my body does too. But if I lived in the country-side (as I did before I 'moved' here), I would be utterly bored. Occasional city breaks may be enough to refuel your soul with different energy, but what happens when I'm on a super-duper tight budget again?

Over the past few years my life has been balancing between one extreme to the other. The isolated French country-side, my forever home, my peaceful place, my favorite spot in the world. And London. Historical, Multi-Cultural London with all it's secrets and experiences waiting to happen. I suppose my background has lead to this: growing up in a different country and experiencing two completely different cultures: the laid-back, stress-free french lifestyle, and the regular visits to the UK. It seems as though I'm destined to be on the move between these two poles, feeding on the different energy from both opposites and using it to fuel my life and my goals. I suppose stability would be a little boring in a way, wouldn't it?

These pictures were shot on our Canon A1 with our new wide angle lens (28mm). At less than £40 on eBay, it was definitely worth the investment. We wanted to test it out before we go on our travels - and it seems to work best (as we knew it would) for wide shots of the great outdoors. It was a beautiful Sunday spent with family in the UK in a nearby natural escape.

Hope you're all enjoying the end of your summer!
Holly x

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