7 August 2017

Jeans & Tees on someone who hates wearing Jeans & Tees

My oh my do I HATE wearing jeans and tees. I recently ripped my only remaining pair of skinnies by glamorously squatting into them after they had just been washed. The loud sound of the devastating rip at 6am was both painful and hilarious. But it also lifted my spirits a little. Now I have no excuse! No more skinny jeans! No more discomfort and anxiety! Of course the weeks that followed saw me struggle to find appropriate wear for work - with my last pair of black jeans somewhere deep in the recycling bin at a H&M store, I found myself depending on my black culottes. Which are fine, for work. But now what about chilly evenings (who am I kidding - cold summer days) in London? With a 4 month trip soon approaching, I was in need of some new basics to build up a capsule wardrobe. & yes, it was time to once again, face the jeans.

I had to do alot of digging to find this pair. After hours of online browsing, and going through Lizzy Hadfield's YouTube and Instagram content (shotfromthestreet), I felt much more inspired to find a decent pair of jeans - and I finally knew what to look out for. I never paid much attention to the material of my clothing, especially jeans - despite that having such a big effect on how they look, wash, and last. Goodbye elasticated denim, hello only 100% cotton. I've also found that a heavy denim is much more flattering, it offers a more structured look which makes the outfit look more pricey. Unfortunately that means the jeans don't feel as comfortable compared to elasticated denim - but they just look so much better.

Now for the fit. There's no point in buying skinny jeans if you don't feel comfortable in them. (unless you're making yourself get over it and embrace the fit! But there are so many other great designs that you might feel better in). I don't know why I decided to stick to skinnies for so long - probably because they came into fashion and have been a key item for so long. Of course I had to stick with the high-waisted fit, just because I like how it fits my body shape (and is better equipped to handle the 3 hour post-bread bloatness). Despite the non-skinny fit, I still struggle to find a pair to fit me in all the right places.

I bought this straight leg pair from Urban Outfitters - and it is 2 sizes two big for my waist. Any smaller and I can't fit the damn thing over my butt. I know 100% cotton denim will stretch after a while, but this a zip fastening, so I'm not sure how much that comes into play, I'll have to review them after a couple of months and see. I keep having to remind myself that sizes are not the enemy, and that going a size up is no big deal. There's so much pressure to remain a certain size that suddenly when one pair of trousers don't have the same fit: it's panic time. Which is ridiculous. Chances are the sizing is off, and who cares? You're gonna look great whatever size you are. AND it will fit better and look better.

Now, let's talk about basic tees. If there's one thing I hate more than wearing jeans, it's wearing tees. Showing off my arms to the world has been an issue of mine for as long as I can remember. No point asking why or telling me they look fine - this is just an issue I have to continuously deal with. So how do I build up a capsule wardrobe when I despise the tee? Again, I turn to the fit and material. (Thanks again to Lizzy Hadfield for the tips, they have utterly changed my perspective on clothing!)
I bought this plain black tee from And Other Stories: it's 100% cotton, a bit of a boxy fit, and again, one size too big. I do like the super fitted tee look, just not on me! I much prefer to have a bit of extra material beneath the arms so I don't feel too *tight* - because of the boobs, a tighter fit doesn't always look great on me. I used to wear more silky materials but I've found that a more structured fit is just so more flattering on me, and it looks much more put-together too. And Other Stories also do tees that have a longer sleeve, which is great if you're self-conscious about your arms like I am. Again, I don't want to make you think that you need to cover them up! It's just an option if you're worried about being self-conscious. It's all good when you say 'stop worrying!' etc etc, but that doesn't happen in an instant. I think this is a good choice if you want to ease into it.

Time to discuss this lovely baby pink raincoat. I needed something lightweight, waterproof, and reasonably fashionable to explore in. I was browsing through Zara a couple of months ago when I came across this piece. I first tried on the blue version, and was ready to buy it when Summer said she'd buy that colour and I should buy the pink one. Just like when we were kids! Twinning to the extreme. I was a bit apprehensive about buying such a central piece in millenial pink, but I'm so glad I did as it looks so good! It also presents some interesting photo opportunities. There will be a whole lot of grey and green in New Zealand, it'll make a strong contrast.
The raincoat also has an inside pocket (woohoo!) and two large pockets on the outside. It has a good sized hood, and reaches down to the thigh which is great - I find that sizing much easier to style.

So that's pretty much it for the outfit - It's probably one of the most casual looks I've shared in a long time. It allowed me to try out something that I'll be sure to wear when I'm away! It's also one of the very few looks I've posted with blue jeans. When I do decide to wear jeans they are usually black, so that in itself was a challenge for me. Since I've purchased this pair I have been looking at some other brands - Levis and And Other Stories in particular - but I have yet to find the perfect pair. The Levis I've tried on recently (I shared a pic on my Insta if you're curious) have felt SO comfortable I honestly would have bought them there and then had they fitted properly.

I will probably look into getting this pair altered slightly to show off my waist a bit more, but other than that they are the best jeans I have owned in a long time! They also weren't super super expensive. I've been making a lot of changes to be more fashion conscious, buying for the long run etc - and jeans are so worth the money just because of how well they hold up. Is it worth buying a £15 pair that are elasticated and will just wear out after just under a year? Chances are you'll spend less money if you invest in a proper pair every couple of years. You'll also be producing less waste which is the ultimate goal, right?

Let's quickly review make-up. As always all the products I use are cruelty-free, which means they are from brands who do not test on animals. I recently discovered that Rosie Huntington Whiteley's make-up range Rosie for Autograph (Marks & Spencers) is Leaping Bunny certified (!!!) which is brilliant - and the make-up collection is affordable. I will have to test out her other products, as I've only purchased a couple so far (contour, blush and lipstick featured above!) and I've been very happy with them. Mascara is from Smashbox cosmetics: I am happy with it overall but the applicator isn't great, and I find it so hard to remove. I am wearing the waterproof mascara, but even waterproof make-up remover wipes don't do the trick. Foundation and powder is by Charlotte Tilbury, it's a light coverage one which is super creamy, feels great on my skin. Eyeshadow is Naked palette by Urban Decay - brows are dip-brow pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills (my saviour). I'm really open to trying some Vegan products next - If any of you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them!

That wraps this post up! Thankyou for reading - sorry for the lack of content recently, we've been super busy planning things and the English weather has just been horrendous!

Hope you're all having a lovely Monday and a lovely summer!

Holly xxx

Holly is wearing: 

Jeans: Urban Outfitters BDG Mom Straight Leg Dark Wash Jeans (link here)
Plain black cotton tee: And Other Stories (link here)
Rucksack: Urban Outfitters
Raincoat: Zara (can't find an online link for this one!)

Cruelty-free make-up: 

Foundation and powder: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (link here)
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Medium Brown (link here)
Eyeshadow: Naked Palette by Urban Decay (link here)
Mascara: Waterproof mascara by Smashbox (link here)
Lipstick: Rosie for Autograph in Silk Cami (link here)
Bronzer: Rosie for Autograph Insta Glow Matte Bronzer (link here)
Blush: Rosie for Autograph Cream Blush (link here)


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