31 August 2017

Flora & Fauna

Hello all! Another post of the Natural History Museum today. I'm currently typing this from the comfort of home, where I've spent the last ten days. It's been a wonderful period of relaxation and  quality family time. I've really missed home, my family have only been all together for a handful of times this year so it felt so good for us all to be reunited under the family home roof again! I did post a lot on my Instagram stories but other than that the blog has been a little quiet, I have tons of blogs to catch up on too.

All of these pictures were taken on my Samsung S8, so far I've been really impressed with the camera quality & the battery life is really good too. I needed a little upgrade before my little adventure in September, and this one seemed to tick all the boxes. 

I've spoken about the NHM a lot over the last few posts, so this post will be a bit shorter than usual. Most of these pictures were taken in the Main Hall, with the new blue whale skeleton 'Hope' hanging from the ceiling. Both of the upper corridors were open too, filled with new exhibits such as parrots, crystals & more. The floor level also has several newcomers, such as a giant swordfish in a tank, a stunning butterfly display & various fauna & flora. 

 I'm really happy with how these turned out, so I'll definitely be sharing more phone posts like this in the future. It's quite refreshing to step out without my heavy DSLR from time to time, and to share more 'raw' & untouched content (not to say that I don't love high quality photography!).

I'll be back in the UK tomorrow and will hopefully share some more outfit posts before I leave again! The past few posts have been 35mm film ones, let me know if there's any other content you'd like to see on here! We are hoping to vlog some of our trip (yikes) so whoever is reading this will have that to look forward to.

 Summer x

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