14 August 2017

Double Denim - Levi's 90s baggy jeans

Good morning everyone!

Double denim today - yes, you read that right, the dodgy, risky, questionable double denim look. I was one of those people who looked at double denim outfits with outright disapproval for so long and yet, here I am. Running around central London in an old-school outfit. What changed? I seem to be balancing between the girly/preppy girl and the relaxed tomboy at the moment, often opting for a more casual look when I'm out and about.

The denim jacket definitely has a part to play in this transition. The Stranger Things inspired piece totally shifted my wardrobe (it's featured in almost all my previous outfit posts), allowing me to style old pieces in a completely different way.

There's something about denim that just reminds me of my childhood years, which is one of the reasons why I stayed well away from it for so long. But now it doesn't just bring back the awkward outfit memories, it also arouses that sense of adventure, of carelessness, of excitement.

I've recently got into jeans again, an inevitable step forward as I prepare my travelling capsule wardrobe. Black jeans in particular are so easy to style, and when you have to stuff 4 months of clothes into a 65L backpack, you need something that is easy to wear and flexible.

This pair is the Levi's 90s baggy jeans in black, a baggy fit which is great for people who have more of an hourglass shape. I won't be buying another pair for another couple of years now, until I've worn these out completely (buying good quality for the long run and reducing that footprint!). They came with a hefty price tag at £110, but this is the first time ever that I have tried jeans on and immediately screamed these are mine.

The jeans are both structured and soft, and my god do they fit perfectly round the middle. For so long I've had to buy a size up so I can fit them over my thighs, leaving it two inches too big around the waist, which always resulted in a super unflattering look and feel. Because this is a baggy fit I have finally found a pair that fits me in all the right places. Not to mention the quality - Levi's are usually the first brand that comes to mind when you talk jeans, and I'm pretty happy to finally own my first pair. I hope it lives up to it's name!

Without getting too deep into the meaning behind statement shirts - Summer recently purchased this cotton tee from & Other Stories. A buy based on fit and material above all else (100% organic cotton), the Amour Moderne slogan makes it more than just your basic white tee. To build up our capsule wardrobe, we were in need of some plain cotton shirts that are of good quality, ready to last a good few years. The typeface used on this tee makes it all the more interesting, bringing a little bit extra to a casual outfit. I also love how despite the interesting typeface, the contrast between the blue and white is very soft on the eyes.

We took these pictures in Hyde Park on Saturday - our first time properly exploring the quieter inner grounds. The sun was (finally) shining and there was such a lovely atmosphere, it felt so good to just walk with the sun on our backs. At times the park was so empty and silent, we wouldn't see anyone as we walked between the tall trees and overgrown grass. Moments like that always remind me of how much there is yet to discover in London. I'm really going to miss this place while I'm away.

The countdown has officially begun for us: 1 month and 1 day until we're off on our adventure. Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Holly x

Holly is wearing: 

Levi's 90s baggy jeans: link here
Topshop oversized black denim jacket: link here
& Other Stories Amour Moderne 100% organic cotton: link here

Holly is wearing cruelty-free make-up

Skin: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - link here
Eyes: Smashbox cosmetics waterproof mascara - link here
Urban Decay Naked 2 basics eyeshadow palette - link here
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade - link here
Lips: Rosie for Autograph lipstick in silk cami - link here
Cheeks: Rosie for Autograph cream blusher - link here
Rosie for Autograph Insta Glow matte bronzer - link here 


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