17 July 2017

The Manor at Hemingford Grey in 35mm film

These pictures were taken at The Manor, a house in the village of Hemingford Grey near Cambridge a couple of weeks ago. The Manor was first built in the 1130's, and it remains one of Britain's oldest continuously inhabited houses.

"The house was recreated and made famous as the house of Green Knowe by Lucy Boston in her series of children's books, now regarded as classics."

 It was quite a strange feeling wandering around the gardens of such an old house. For hundreds of years people have walked these grounds and admired the flowers. How many people have gazed upon the beauty of the house? What events took place here? What about the lives of those who once called this place home?

So many of these questions will forever be left unanswered, yet there is some recent History that we are able to appreciate.
During World War II, Lucy Boston used the Upstairs Hall to give gramophone record recitals twice a week to the RAF. Unfortunately, we didn't enter the house during our visit so we were unable to see this room with our own eyes - but to know the importance that room held during a different time is so interesting.

 The majority of these pictures show the garden only - there were so many secret, hidden areas which each had their own charm. Plants that tower above you, bees everywhere you look. It was so peaceful, I really enjoyed just walking around the various flower beds and taking it all in.

I'm really pleased with the picture above - I couldn't resist running my fingers through the silky soft plant, I really wanted to capture the moment so I took a risk and shot it one-handed. Luckily it paid off as the picture came out so beautifully!

We only brought our film camera on this day - I prefer shooting on film more than anything, I only wish I was able to take more shots! I think it was the right choice for this type of location, I think the film captures it in such a beautiful light. Somewhere untouched by the outside world, the perfect escape from city life.

The house is located right by the River Great Ouse (on which many boats are docked). Our last picture was taken by the side of the River a couple of minutes walk from the Garden entrance.
I shouted at my grand-parents and Summer to stop in their tracks and wait while I shot the picture. I was standing right by the edge of the river - and a herd of cows who were grazing only metres away, so I was eager to get back up on to the track.

I'm SO happy with how these pictures turned out. I love visiting Historical houses and sites, there's something almost magical about them. They have stood strong over time when so many people have come and gone. Again, I'd love to see some of the moments this Manor has witnessed!

Holly x

You can find all the details about The Manor including Visiting Information on their website! Link here

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