3 July 2017

June changing room selfies

Hello all, it's been a while. With a couple of busy week-ends in a row, we've been unable to shoot some outfit posts but we finally created new content at the end of June! It's been a while since I went on a good shopping spree - with travel plans at the end of the year I discovered I desperately lacked some wardrobe basics. Skinny jeans, white t-shirts, stripped tops. All the little pieces that are usually the foundation of my wardrobe are either too worn or lost in transit during my moving back and forth to France. 

I've decided to really sort through my clothes and get rid of anything that I haven't worn in the few months, to strip down my wardrobe and rebuild a capsule-type one for my travels. I'm still working on the recycling/selling/donating part, however I finally bought my first ever plain white cotton tee! I bought quite a few of the pieces in this post, mostly the & Other Stories t-shirts, however I truly regret not buying the midi black dress & blue knee-length ones - they were quite pricey so maybe I'll wait till the next paycheck. I've put links to everything I tried on, I'm definitely getting myself a pair of Levi's, I loved the 721 high rise skinnies I tried on but I wanted to try a different size before spending a fair bit on them! Let me know which pieces are you favourite!

Summer wears LEVI 721 JEANS + LEVI LOGO TEE (unavailable online)

Summer wears & OTHER STORIES MIDI BLACK DRESS (unavailable online)


Summer wears & OTHER STORIES TOP

These pictures are all completely unedited so you can see what the pieces look like in real life (I never photoshop myself or Holly anyway) 
As I mentioned previously I'm currently building a more capsule-type wardrobe, so any tips are welcome! I'm looking forward to purchasing some Levi jeans and some more cotton tops, I love the ones I tried on from & Other Stories so will definitely be investing in some new ones soon! 

Summer x

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