14 July 2017

Graphic Tee & Midi Pleated Skirt

Summer in the city. In every sense of the word. After work I hurried off to London to meet up with some friends in Shoreditch, I needed an outfit that would easily take me from the office day to evening social wear. I decided to dress up a little, wearing this Zara midi pleated skirt at work (a far cry from my usual plain black jeans or culottes) and changed in to this white graphic top before hopping on to the train. I have a new-found love for tees lately, as I mentioned in my previous ootd post I previously overlooked the importance of having basic tees in my wardrobe. 

I bought this white graphic tee from Topshop a few weeks ago, undoubtedly the piece that began my new wardrobe obsession: I love the graphic/logo tee trend at the moment, and this one caught my eye straight away. I love the Girls Girls Girls message (which I elaborated on here!) the colour, the font, and the general coolness it adds to any outfit. The fact the text was embroidered instead of screen printed was what really sold it for me. Screen-printed tees tend to fade after a while and cheapen the clothing. This tee was also quite affordable for Topshop at around ₤25 - it's also washed well which is a bonus!

I think a lot of people shy away from these tops because, if like myself you have bigger boobs (gasps) then I personally tend to distance myself from tight-fitting ones. The main reason being that it can look unflattering, especially when the material stretches over the chest. So I usually end up getting a bigger size to avoid this, but recently I've found myself not worrying about it as much. Maybe it's all the pictures of Jeanne Damas & Bella Hadid pulling off such simple tees with effortless coolness that has me reaching from them in stores. Holding on to the hope that just maybe they'll deliver that effortless coolness on me. A girl can dream, right?

As for the skirt, I've been searching for some more midi ones for a while now without any luck. I did find a lovely blue polka dot button down pair for & Other Stories, but there were just a *little* bit of a stretch at 60 or 70 pounds. That being said, midi skirts are also the perfect transitional piece, so you can be sure they'll be worn throughout the cooler seasons of the year - so maybe investing in a few pairs isn't such a bad thing. Once again my shoes remain the same. You should all know by now I own about a handful of shoes, it's something I've always neglected in my wardrobe. My reasoning is that my docs go with everything, so why spend money I don't always have on other pairs? My summer wardrobe wishlist isn't at the top of my list of priorities at the moment - I'm trying to focus my efforts (and money) on a capsule travel wardrobe for the end of the year. Summer x



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