9 July 2017

Floral Culottes in London

I call this look a dressed-up-errands-outfit. When you have lots to do in a day and are determined to check every single box of that to-do list. When you're in a rush to get ready, so you grab the easiest clothes to put together. A white top in need of an iron, culottes that slip on so easily you forget you're wearing them. I needed something comfortable for running around central London, light for the sunshine and of course at least one piece of clothing that was blog-worthy. As one of my goals for that day was some shopping, I also wanted to something I could easily change in and out of in the dressing rooms. I borrowed these incredible floral culottes off Holly, a new plain white tee that was in the sale and my reliable dm's. Paired with an extra fabric pouch/bag and handbag and a touch of sunscreen, I was ready to face the day.

A lot of my wardrobe currently consists of basic tees - something I neglected up until very recently. I used to associate them with school, like a PE kit or even something I wore to play outside in the garden. Yet after hours spent scrolling through my Pinterest, I came to realize just how many basics were missing from my wardrobe. After a little research (scrolling through tons of websites) I went to & Other Stories in London and picked up several 'basic' tees that I could style with existing statement pieces of mine.

This white tee was discovered in the Zara sale (I borrowed it off Holly). The v-shaped neckline, not too low in the cleavage area - and the sleeves which are just long enough to cover any problem areas on 'one of those days'. It's a little baggy so I can easily tuck it in without in without it being uncomfortable. I will definitely be talking about tee's in some upcoming posts! The day these were taken I bought a beige & white tee with a rounder neckline which I personally think looks better with these culottes. That's what I love about basic tees, there are so many varations: different necklines, sleeves, length, fabric - all of which make a subtle but important impact in any outfit.

In the summer months I generally prefer to wear less make-up, however I decided to wear a stronger lip than usual this day. The lipstick is from Kat Von D, foundation Charlotte Tilbury, brows Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow & tinted gel. I'm still sad/angry about Nars no longer being cruelty-free, one of my all time favourite lipstick/blush (Nars multi-stick) is going to be tough to replace. Any suggestions? Summer x


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