11 July 2017


We took these pictures in Shoreditch last week - an interesting part of London with it's beautiful collection of mixed architecture: 18th & 19th century Historical buildings, popular markets, street art and modern skyscrapers. It was our first time properly exploring the area, so we didn't know where we'd end up. After wandering around for a good 20 minutes with our friend Eloïse, struggling after our delicious veggie burgers and nachos (worth it) we found this lovely, well-lit open space, perfect for outfit pictures.

I had plans to meet friends on this day, and wanted to keep my outfit casual as I was going straight from work. After a quick change of bottoms I was ready to go!

 The Topshop polka-dot blouse has a waterfall detail at the front, a main feature which is flattering on any body type. I always find it hard to wear blouses as I find they don't fit properly over my chest (sigh) but this one ties together in two places at the front, making it very adjustable: no need to buy the next size up just so it will fit comfortably.
It's a good alternative to the standard button up blouse which doesn't fit everyone perfectly!
Because the top is relatively loose and flowy, a gust of wind will have you showing quite a bit of skin, so if you're not too comfortable with that just add a small strappy top underneath - or, if you're feeling confident enough just wear a banging bra.

I've been making myself wear this Topshop Black Denim Jacket out more: although it's too hot to wear during the afternoon heat and commute, it's perfect for chilly evenings. Did I mention it has inside pockets? Yep. Now I can access my phone and oyster card without having to open my bag. Every girl's dream. 
Another thing I like about this jacket is how it fits over my shoulders. I have broad shoulders so blouses and jackets tend to be tight under the arms or on the top of the shoulders. It's a little bit oversized so it can be worn with a jumper for the colder months or a t-shirt during the summer - without the fear of sweating through it. I rolled up the sleeves to make the outfit feel a bit more summer-y, luckily enough the sleeves are wide enough to do so without it cutting off the blood supply to my forearms which is a bonus.

As for the skirt: it's an elasticated fit, so it was the perfect choice for eating out in. I've noticed the fabric has started to go a bit lumpy in places (It was only £12 from Zara so I didn't expect it to last very long) but nothing too noticeable! It's become part of my go-to summer outfit.
 I always wear high-waisted bottom pieces as I find them really flattering on my body shape - and black is such an easy colour to style. I think everyone should have at least one black skirt in their wardrobe as they just go with anything.

And finally the shoes... You guys have got to make me invest in some shoes. I must've worn these for almost every single outfit this year! They're a basic lace-up pair from Zara, non-leather with a rubber soul which makes them so comfortable to walk in as they just bend so easily.

I wore a no-make-up make-up look on this day - something clean and fresh, nothing too heavy during the heat. The most work obviously goes into my eyebrows: I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip-brow pomade in the shade light brown. It's really easy to use as you can always make them darker and more intense if you want to. I didn't use an eyebrow gel as I find the ABH one is quite heavy on my fair brows, and it doesn't always look natural, which is what I was going for.

It's Saturday evening as I'm writing this and I've had a stressful day trying to plan things for our trip to New Zealand (which is fast approaching!) - so that means Vegan curry for dinner and the Stranger Things finale re-watch.

Hope you're all having a lovely day! Let me know what you think in the comments, I want to visit more blogs so don't hesitate to leave your links!

Holly x

Holly is wearing: 

Oversized Black Denim Jacket: Topshop (link here)
Polka Dot blouse: Topshop (red version here)
Black High Waisted Elasticated Skirt: Zara (link here)
Lace-up black heels: Zara


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