12 June 2017

London & the Tate Modern in 35mm

Last month Summer & I found ourselves on the train to London, once again with no clear destination in mind. We hadn't been to the Tate Modern in a while, so we decided to lose ourselves in some interesting, often mind-boggling art.

We made our way towards the Millennium FootBridge, and quickly ran down the steps to seize a photo opportunity. It was a warm, sunny day, but slightly overcast: perfect for shooting film! We then proceeded to the Tate at a leisurely pace (I've secretly wanted to cross the footbridge ever since it was featured in The Half Blood Prince). #AlwaysAPotterhead

I love visiting Museums, but the Tate always surprises me. I've never connected to Modern Art like I have with Historical relics, like Ancient Greek and Roman artifacts - but I still get a thrill of excitement when I see a famous piece, such as the Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol. Moreover, there's always something interesting to see: whether it's a giant tower of radios playing a mixture of old broadcasts or a pop art exhibition, you'll always be left feeling more or less invigorated.

Have you visited the Tate Modern before? What are your favorite exhibits? We haven't yet fully explored the whole building so we'd love to hear any suggestions!

Hope you're all having a lovely Monday! 

Holly x

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