15 June 2017

On The Go in 35mm Film

It's strange to think Holly & I used to share both of our outfit pictures in one post. When we first considered doing separate posts - so we could have twice as much content - it felt like such a big step for our little blog. We had, since we first began sharing outfits on here back in July 2013 (have a browse through our archives, it's quite funny) always included two outfits in one post. Looking back now, I'm glad that we made this change. Yes, we have twice as much content to share, but it's also a chance to showcase our individual styles, without forgetting that we share most of our clothes.

I also believe that this change happened organically - yes, we had considered it, but overall it happened without us really realizing at the time. For a while now, Holly & I have wanted to share both of our outfits in the same post again, but this time, with both of us in the frame. A once a month kind of thing. Just to change it up a little every once in a while. There are very few pictures of the both of us side by side here as well, which I realize must be quite strange to our readers! 

So perhaps this is post can be considered as a throw back, reminding us of just how much our blog (&style) has changed over the years.

 These film pictures were taken during various trips to London. We haven't been able to shoot a lot of outfit pictures lately, life has been rather busy as we've been finalizing our end of year plans! I also need some new summery pieces as my wardrobe is mostly filled with long sleeve tops and culottes. I'm been considering clearing out my whole wardrobe lately before September ends, I've already recycled a few things at our local H&M and I'm sure it won't be the last time I do so. I promise I'll give Depop a go too!

 I always struggle taking pictures 'on-the-go' , most of the time we're rushing from one place to the next when in London, and I don't want to be that person standing still in the middle of the pavement. I did manage to take these ones though, and this on-the-go photography is something I'd like to improve on! 

Hope you enjoy these pictures, & I promise to share some new outfit content soon! Have a lovely week all x


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