21 June 2017

Female of the Future - Fashionkarussell: statement shirts

In collaboration with the lovely bloggers for the monthly FashionKarussell, this outfit post focuses on statement shirts. I picked up this t-shirt from Topshop months ago, and I'm excited to finally be able to share these pictures!

You can read about what the 'Fashion Carousel' is here !

I'm loving the current slogan tee trend: so many brands have embraced it and released a variety of empowering shirts. I think some people find it cringey, but I think it's great. You're showing the world you value women. You value your mind, body, and success. What's cringey about that?

As for this specific slogan tee: ''What do you mean by female of the future? Why not of the present?
People can interpret the quote differently. Maybe it plays on the idea that I will be a female in a position of power in the future. In a world where females finally equal males in the work circuit, where females are given the same opportunities as men.

Although I do strive to be in a position of power (my own boss please?) My current interpretation is, a female who plays a role in shaping the years to come. Whether that be through work, or through my personal hobbies. Through independent activities or group projects. Through interactions with colleagues, friends, family members, strangers. What can I, your average 22 year old female, contribute?
How will my actions of today impact the future? Will my actions matter? Will I be remembered?

I have to keep reminding myself to celebrate the small things: smiling to a stranger, helping a lost tourist, complimenting someone's outfit. You can strive to get your degree, to get that promotion, or contract - and be proud of those successes. But to overlook the little things that can impact someones' day for the better is a big mistake. Those are the things I'm trying to focus on. The little everyday actions that can benefit not just yourself but those around you. I've come to realize that it's not the big things in life that will change the world - it's the small actions of every day people that are beneficial in the long-run (there's a film quote in there somewhere..). & it doesn't just go for women, but for everyone, whatever their gender. But, let's focus on what this female can do.

One of my fears is never accomplishing my goals, (more honestly, never figuring out what I want to achieve in my life). On top of those scary thoughts that creep up at night, we live in a society obsessed with appearances, a society that sexualises and objectifies women to the point where their personal achievements are barely recognized. How do we overcome that? How do we stay inspired to keep it up? Sure, wearing an empowering t-shirt helps, but let's not overlook the small things.

Luckily for me, I've been surrounded by supportive men and women my whole life, who have never told me that there's something I can't do. I have always admired real-life women, but my main source of inspiration has always been the cinematic realm. 
I've always found inspiration, (despite the small percentage of powerful non-objectified women we are given), in fictional characters. Eowyn. Elizabeth Swan. Buffy. Carter. Storm. More recently: freaking Wonder Woman. Those females from my childhood impacted my future. How wonderful has it been to experience this part of cinematic history? 

So that's why I love this tee so much. It symbolizes female power for me. It reminds me of all the people who have inspired me. Whatever becomes of me in the future, my small actions of today will somehow impact the world of tomorrow. It's quite a nice thought, isn't it?

Holly x

Holly wears:
Topshop white slogan tee: here
Zara structured culottes
Zara lace-up heels
Grey coat: Zara

All the make-up I'm wearing is from Cruelty-Free brands: 

Foundation: Charlotte Tilbury SPF15 here
Eyeshadow: Nars
Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz
Mascara: Smashbox cosmetics
Lipstick: Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick

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