10 June 2017

A day in Cambridge - photo diary

We had a lovely time visiting Cambridge with our grandparents back in March. It was cold, wet and miserable, not a good day to wear thin culottes! It was raining quite heavily when we arrived, so we took shelter in the Fitzwilliam Museum. We wondered it's halls for an hour or 2, taking in the amazing Historical artefacts: sculptures, paintings, armour, clothing, weaponry, books, various beautifully crafted objects.. the list goes on.

We were ready to make our way out towards the centre of the Town, when we stumbled across another one of the Museums main entrances.
We were utterly blown away by the rich architecture: the many arches, the staircase, the sculptures, the tiled floor, the columns - there was so much to take in. We stood there for a good 20 minutes, waiting for the perfect moment to take pictures, when not another soul was about.
Unfortunately we only had our 50mm lens (which isn't great for location shots), so most of these pictures were taken on my Samsung.

Having spent a good 25 minutes in this entrance hall alone, we decided it was time to move on and catch up with our grandparents. We left the wonderful building and made our way towards the centre of the Town.

When you live in London, you tend to forget what the rest of England is like. London is so wonderfully unique, that when you venture beyond it's borders you almost feel like you've toppled into a completely different country.

Though still historically rich, like London, Cambridge just feels old. Very old. The brick buildings, the many schools and colleges (strong Harry Potter feels), the churches and cathedrals, the bridges and the river, the narrow streets - it feels like Cambridge hasn't changed in 100s of years.

 It remains nevertheless, a beautiful town, full of interesting stories and historical events. One of my favorite pictures from this photo diary is the graffiti carved in the bricks on the way down to the river. It reads ''C.W.R 1899'', and on the next brick over, written 81 years later: ''PUNK 1980''. Who took their time to cleanly leave their mark on these strong city walls? A path used no doubt by the many students who have lived, loved and learned here over hundreds of years. It's the little details that so strongly capture my interest. I wonder what their lives were like, what was going through their minds as they took the sharp tool to the stone.

As always, a rewarding visit, and more great memories.
Holly x


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