24 May 2017

Wandering the streets of Prague, Czech Republic

When discovering a new city, I'm torn between capturing every inch of it on camera, and appreciating it with my own two eyes instead of through a lens. I've always been that person who is a little behind the group because I keep stopping in my tracks to take a picture - Eager to document any adventure so I can look back on it in years to come. I had a lovely time in Prague, despite the poor weather we managed to explore a lot of the town and it's little cobbled stone streets.

I thought I'd put together a picture-centric post of all the pictures I didn't include in the travel guide (here) , so you can admire all the cute little streets and buildings. I also included at the end of the post a few phone pictures of various churches & palaces, all of which are mentioned in the city guide post! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below!

Summer x


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