9 May 2017

Prague in 35mm Film Part III

Oh Prague. How I miss your cobbled streets. Your tall, colourful buildings. The red rooftops. The ethereal stone buildings, standing strong for centuries. The powerful energy you feel when you walk somewhere so very old, somewhere Historically and Culturally rich, it's stones and streets full of memories of the millions of people who have walked them over hundreds and hundreds of years. A feeling of comfort, of peace. 

Though very old, Prague has managed to keep it's authentic image whilst at the same time developing it's streets to keep up with the needs of the modern world. With clean trams circulating the main streets, keeping the numbers of cars at bay, it's a wonderful city to discover by foot. Walking the neighbourhoods and discovering beautiful hidden gems behind every corner. 

It feels like Prague is on it's way to becoming one of Europe's top city-break locations. With hotels, air bnb's and tourist attractions being remarkably cheap, it allows visitors to discover a somewhat concealed part of History. A cultural and historical experience to broaden your mind and make you appreciate just what human kind has achieved over time.

So thankyou, Prague, for such a lovely trip. We are so very grateful to have walked your streets and the famous Charles Bridge, to have gazed upon the breath-taking views of the city from above the Castle hill-top, to have learned your History and experienced (though briefly) your culture. May we see you again soon!

Holly x


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