4 May 2017

Changing room selfies - April

Hello all!

Decided to put together some changing room selfies taken throughout April. It seems that the clothes spending ban I went on at the start of the year has finally caught up on me - I've bought quite a lot of new clothes this month! I needed some more spring pieces, as most of my wardrobe was made of jumpers and black trousers! Twice a year, usually during the transitional seasons, I end up spending more on clothes than usual. We took most of these whilst waiting for some 35mm film to be developed in Boots. Crazy to think I can hand them in & pick the pictures up in 2 HOURS whereas back home in France I would usually wait over a week to get them back! 

Back to the clothes. I ended up buying the Topshop gingham high waisted trousers (that I actually regret buying now as I think the'yre too small and not 'me') and Girls Girls Girls white top, and Holly ended up ordering a few pieces online the next day. I'll link the clothes in this post as I didn't do it last time, let me know which pieces are your favourite! 

Holly wears Topshop pink high waisted cigarette trousers with white angel sleeve dobby shirt. 

Summer wears Topshop:
white graphic tee 
pink high waisted cigarette trousers.

I initially picked the trousers out hoping to brighten up my work wear, but in the end I decided to forget these ones and get the gingham ones instead. The Girls Girls Girls shirt just felt like the perfect addition to my wardrobe, a piece that can be paired with pretty much anything.

Summer wears Topshop 
stripe wide leg  trousers

These trousers were put into the 'I would definitely buy these if I could afford to'. They weren't pricey, but they weren't the kind of piece that I desperately wanted. They could be versatile, easily fitting into the work uniform yet easily dressed up or down for personal wear. 

Holly wears Topshop
Horizontal stripe peg trousers (here)

Holly wears red Topshop dress

Summer wears Topshop
Ruffle waist gingham trousers (here)

Once again, I would have bought this entire outfit if I could afford to. I ended up getting the trousers and tee, I feel like there is a huge gap in my wardrobe in terms of white tees and trousers. I am loving the gingham trend on the moment so I jumped on that wagon and can't wait to style them, although hopefully they won't look too bad on camera. The ruffle waist and fabric can easily look unflattering with my body shape, but we shall see.

Holly wears Topshop Daisy Print Ruffle Tea Dress 

(I really, really regret not buying this! Hopefully it will still be there by my next paycheck.. -H)

Holly wears Topshop Floral Palazzo Wide Leg trousers

H: I ordered these online the next day as I had a lovely birthday discount! 

We hope you enjoyed this post - We always take pictures of the clothes we try on as we tend to go back and buy them another time, it's a good way to look back on how they looked! Happy Thursday x

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