16 May 2017

Paisley Print Trousers in Relton Mews, Knightsbridge

Ensuring I have enough content to see the blog through the week is tough. Any blogger knows this. I spend a lot of time on it, whether it's shooting outfits on week-ends and editing them in the week after work, followed by writing and scheduling, not to mention keeping up with my favourite blogs - it takes up most of my time. So when week-ends roll around, I try to make the most of my days. That usually means going up to London for the day, to explore, to shop, to wander around museums, to shoot pictures. Yet every other week-end, I realize that I don't have to go out every single day that I have 'free'. Why can't I accept that sometimes it's ok to just do nothing? Sit back, relax, eat some food and watch some television? Stay in my pajamas, listen to some film soundtracks and browse tumblr? It's amazing how we can end up feeling so guilty when we don't do anything 'productive'.

With that being said, we need to remember that sometimes we need days to recharge. To take care of ourselves, whether that be getting some extra hours sleep in the morning or spending a few hours reading. As much as I enjoy going to London every other week-end, I've noticed that my body is in need of some TLC lately. Things that made me feel self-conscious as a teen have made a very unwelcome come-back. Yet, a Sunday lie in and a few cups of tea and some chill time - and I look and feel like myself again. 

With all that aside, I had a pretty good week-end when these pictures were taken. I only wish the weather had been a little nicer - I can't believe I'm wearing a jumper at this time of the year!
I thought I'd wear these trousers again for a day out exploring Knightsbridge. I love this outfit because it's so relaxed - the paisley print black silky trousers, which need a little adjusting around the waist - are soft and comfortable to walk around it all day. This cropped knit jumper that I borrowed from Holly is pretty cozy and of course my beloved Vagabond ankle boots. I love the contrast between the two fabrics - the silkiness of the trousers vs the rougher texture of the jumper. We also saw Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 in IMAX this week-end, which I really enjoyed and wrote a review on! x

Summer x

Summer wears:
Zara paisley print cropped trousers
& Other stories cropped black jumper (similar here)
Vagabond Marja ankle boot
Zara convertible backpack

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