30 May 2017

18th Century Ballroom

One of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I have ever seen. An 18th Century Palace, complete with a ballroom believed to have once been performed in by Mozart himself. How can such a work of art be admission free, and empty? With it's colourful ceiling fresco, depicting various Olympiam Gods, untouched since it's creation. The high wooden doors, with it's paint peeling and the wood cracked & shrunken after centuries of existence. In a world where education, most historical monuments & incredible feats of human engineering and architecture aren't free, I feel incredibly lucky to have visited such a culturally & historically rich building without paying a single penny. With the majority of the rooms still maintaining the authentic baroque decor, it almost feels like you've stepped into a different world.

It's impossible to ignore the bittersweet aspect of the ballroom. The little signs of decay, which become more apparent the longer you stay. A beautiful sight, yet tinged with melancholy. When was the last time the Palace knew the chorus of laughter, the echoes of musical instruments and the tremor of people dancing & twirling beneath the chandelier? Why is it that such wondrous places like this have to remain empty, cold & silent? What I would give to dance within it's walls, adorned in a graceful gown and bearing heavenly jewels. A utopian, romantic dream that I feel no shame in having.

Looking back now, I would have happily spent some money for this place. If only to ensure that the magical atmosphere could be kept, that the frescoes could be preserved and it's beauty remain untarnished by the passing of time. I hope to walk through these marble walls once more.

Colloredo-Mansfeldský palác, Prague, Czech Republic

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