3 April 2017

Work Wear & Personal Style

Ever since I started my first job back in September, I've been wondering how to balance out my work wear and my personal style wardrobe. When I look through my blog pictures, I see my 'best self': I didn't rush my make-up, I'm wearing my favourite clothes and my curly hair is under control. 

It's no secret that blogging & social media allows us to gloss over the parts of our lives that aren't so glamorous. If only you knew how often my family told me to share my ~pajamas messy curly hair in a bun with no make up and glasses~ look on the blog. Yes, quite unrecognizable.

I like to make an effort when I'm going out in the evening and weekends. But when it comes to work wear, it's a more casual and dressed down uniform. Black skinny trousers with a jumper or a plain blouse, paired with my ankle boots or doc martens and a tweed coat. I rarely wear contact lenses at work or any of my 'dressier' pieces, simply because when I wake up at 6am the last thing on my mind is my silky floral pink bodysuit. Most days I take my hair down from it's bun as I'm sprinting to the bus stop - and yesterday I even did most of my make-up on the bus (I've officially reached peak Londoner) Needless to say, I struggle to see any aspect of my personal style incorporated into my work uniform.

 When I venture out, I have more time to fully express my personal style. I believe I have a slightly different mindset too when it comes to getting ready, depending on where I'm going or who I'm seeing. Does anyone else wonder whether Alexa Chung prepares her outfits the night before or does she just wake up and puts something together on the spot?

At first, I believed that I would simply adjust my personal style to work, yet it seems that instead I have two separate wardrobes that rarely intertwine with one another. Maybe I should wear this pink bodysuit to work someday, it may even achieve the impossible and improve my challenging commute! Yet with all that being said, I don't feel guilty for dressing differently. I still wear clothes that I love & that make me feel good about myself. I am going to try to wear a few of my fave pieces at work though - simply because now I'm working full time, I'd like to shoot my ootd's as soon as I get back from work, without changing my outfit - so it's more candid and truthful to my daily wear. It will also allow me to share more casual and dressed down outfits on here!

I put this look together for a Jazz evening we had kindly been invited to. Navy is always a tricky one for me, there seems to be a list of endless things you can't wear with it (which I like to ignore most of the time) but I decided to be a little more daring and pair it with a dusty pink floral bodysuit. These Zara culottes are very structured, from the pleat details to the thickness of the fabric - definitely a statement piece. I was pleasantly surprised at how the colours looked together, they both suit my skin tone and are the perfect welcome to spring.

Summer wears;

Zara navy culottes, pink floral bodysuit, bag & heeled boots
Stradivarius belt
Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Double Dare

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