16 April 2017

Prague in 35mm Film - Part I

Hello all! I finally have some film pictures to share with you all. I hadn't used our beloved Canon A1 since October last year, so I was very excited to buy some new film, a new battery and click away during our time in Prague. 

I've always thought that film pictures offer a different glimpse into your environment than digital pictures. Whenever we travel somewhere new, I always prefer the film pictures of the city than the ones taken on our DSLR. The graininess, the almost raw, untouched aspect of film photography that feels so much more tangible yet reminiscent of old family pictures taken decades ago. 


We used two and a half rolls of film during our stay, so instead of putting them in one huge post I thought I'd spread them out a little, so there will probably be about 4 or 5 film posts coming your way! These ones were taken during our first day in Prague, when we briefly saw the Charles Bridge before making our way up to Prague Castle.

Summer x

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