21 April 2017

Paisley in Prague

One of the best things about going on a trip somewhere is outfit planning. I'm one of those people who usually packs for 2 weeks even though it's just a 4 day trip - for this trip however, I made more of an effort & only packed what I really needed. One travel outfit consisting of black skinnies and a comfy jumper, 2 day looks and 2 other pieces in case I wanted to change for dinner.

We had nice weather the first day, a mostly clear sky but a little chilly. When I bought this outfit, I did so with Prague in mind so I was determined to wear it there. First things first: the trousers are too big on the waist. The biggest issue I have with high rise trousers is finding something that fits over the hips but that fit around my waist - unfortunately this ones need a little altering as they are too loose on the waist. They are straight, slightly cropped and the fabric is so silky and soft! I ended up wearing tights underneath (I know, sorry) because it was quite chilly and I refused to catch a cold. The white blouse is new too, I fell in love with the flared sleeves even though it made eating very challenging. I would have preferred to have worn some mary-janes (or these ones from Topshop) but I wanted to travel light so went with the safe option of ankle boots.

We took these pictures near the Prague Castle. It's always a nice feeling when you find that perfect picture spot, somewhere nice, quiet and with good lighting. This street was surprisingly empty, considering it had several restaurants and cafes. It was only accessible by several flights of steps at both ends though, which I think discouraged any tourists! Some of the streets and squares reminded me of Poitiers where I live for several years whilst getting my degree - cobbled streets and little corner cafes. I always remind myself when travelling that it's difficult to find a location to take outfit pictures in when it's such an unfamiliar environment, and to not beat yourself up about it if you don't come across that perfect location.

I am also in need of some new shoes and bags. As you can probably tell, my clothes spending ban is now officially over. I have several new s/s additions to my wardrobe, however I need to stop borrowing Holly's handbag and get my own! I also don't have any spring shoes, I pretty much only wear my ankle boots or my dms which is something I'd like to change.

As I'm writing this it's Easter friday, I had a chilled day for the first time in weeks! I spent it doing my nails. writing blog content and freaking out over all the new Star Wars news (who else is in love with the poster for The Last Jedi?!) I'm hoping to share lots of Prague content over the next few weeks, so keep a look out for some Travel Guides & more pictures.

Summer wears:
Zara trench coat, paisley print trousers, white flared sleeve top, convertible bag
Vagabond Marja ankle boots

Summer x


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