6 April 2017

Embracing the pink

Pink was always, always my color as a child. My nails were always painted pink: a sweet little trick for parents to twins: Summer's nails were always purple. This is unquestionably the main reason why I feel comfortable in pink. From an early age, I associated it with my identity. Pink helped people tell us apart, pink was me, purple was Summer. My dresses, pyjamas, shoes, diaries, accessories- you name it: it was probably pink. 
I was such a girly child- I enjoyed make-up, dressing up, playing with my hair and all things traditionally associated with femininity. Loving the color pink placed me in that girly category- and though 'girly' has a negative connotation to it, I never once felt ashamed or uncomfortable being the girly girl. I loved it. Pink made me feel good, and, though I didn't know at the time, it made me feel powerful.
I broke away from the color in my early teenage years. Have you noticed how rarely we see young teenagers wearing pink? I guess that's just what happens in the nightmarish fishbowl that is secondary school. People are made to feel ashamed about wearing such girly colors. It's cringey. Is that what happened to me? I can't think of any other reason. At school, there is the strong desire to fit in, to be part of the 'likeable' or 'popular' crowd. So the girly-ness was somewhat tuned down, It wasn't cool. It was associated with little girls, and by social-standards-which-need-to-be-destroyed, little girls are weak. So I left pink behind.
And then, when school was over, when we escaped the giant fishbowl swirling with hormones, bitchiness and ignorance, we found freedom in self-discovery, in experiencing a more independent life at University. It was time to let go of worrying about what others would think, to feel empowered by the new start and new routine. Our love for fashion grew more deeply, as we made the most of our free time and space to develop our blog and our personal styles. Despite my style never fully leaving the bottom of the feminine spectrum, I embraced my girly side more and more as I grew into my early twenties. (I feel so old typing this)
So here we are, 1 year after obtaining my degree, wearing more and more pink: lipstick, nail polish, clothes. Going full out- embracing it. Pink, the color traditionally associated with women. (men should rock pink too remember). Women who got the human race this far.
I'm so very proud of being a girly girl. I'm proud of what girls have achieved, girly or not- proud of my girl friends, proud of my mind, proud to show off that girly-ness to the world without ever frowning down upon it. Here's to the color pink and to all it symbolizes.

I wore this outfit on a day out last week, a day well spent exploring the British Museum and walking the streets of London, the spring air warm and the sun shining. 

Full outfit is from Zara! Bag, belt and shoes are faux-leather.

All make-up is cruelty free: Charlotte Tilbury Foundation + face powder, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz, Nars lipstick and blush, Kat Von D tattoo liner and concealer. 

Hope you're all having a lovely week! & thankyou for reading!

Holly xxx


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