8 April 2017

Days In The Sun

I have always associated warm weather with happiness and freedom. It never fails to improve my day significantly. Bare legs, no heavy coats or scarves to weigh me down, longer days which motivate & inspire me to make better use of my time. I had a Monday off work and decided to spend the day in London. I visited the British Museum, exploring galleries I had never seen before: gazing upon Greek & Roman relics, so ancient that it's almost like seeing something from another world. I finally saw Lely's Venus, a stunning statue of the love goddess, and a selection of breath-taking stone sculptures from the Assyrian Empire. This little Museum trip was followed by a bit of shopping in Oxford Street, where I finally ended my 3 month long clothes shopping ban. My wardrobe is almost ready for Spring.

This pastel pink pleated midi skirt is perfect for Spring. I bought it last autumn and didn't have a chance to wear it as it soon became weather inappropriate! The sheerness of the pleated fabric, so light and lovely to the touch that it grants that care-free summer feeling. It's not the most figure flattering midi skirt out there, I would definitely recommend wearing a waist belt with it! It's a lovely piece that can dressed up for formal or special occasions, yet dressed down with a thin jumper or casual piece for a day in the sun.

By the time you read this, Holly & I will probably be in Prague! We decided to plan a short city trip with a close friend a few months ago, eager for a little adventure somewhere new. A chance to escape from our weekly schedules, to breathe in air from a different part of the world and simply have fun!
Although Holly & I have been fortunate enough to travel internationally before on several occasions, we haven't ventured into Europe as of yet! Needless to say I'm ridiculously excited to discover Prague and of course take hundreds of pictures - I have bought several rolls of film for my Canon A1, (which I haven't used since September!!) so expect a load of 35mm film picture posts soon !

Summer wears:

Thin black jumper with bell sleeves: Mango
Pastel pink midi pleated skirt: Zara
Heeled boots: Zara
Bag: Zara

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