12 April 2017

Changing Room Selfies - March 2017

Holly - all Topshop

Ah yes, the art of the changing room selfie. Who doesn't love a good changing room? They have the power to drastically improve your shopping experience. Whenever I go to Oxford St (a little too much at the moment ahem), I usually always go to the same Zara opposite Selfridges, despite there being about 4 or 5 on that street. However I recently went in to the one on the over end of Oxford St (near Tottenham Court Road) and the changing rooms were 100x nicer, well lit with curtains and plenty of them. The store also had 3 stories so a lot more pieces on show that I hadn't seen in any of the others.

Lighting is the biggest issue in most changing rooms - if it's a tiny bulb located directly above you, chances are it's casting shadows in awkward places that deny you a proper and realistic reflection of your outfit. However, if the lighting is well placed, illuminating your entire body, you'll have a clearer view of your outfit and the little details and folds that would otherwise be overlooked. One tip is too definitely step out of your little room to the mirror often placed in the corridor - the lighting will probably be better there!

So I thought I'd share some of Holly & I's changing room selfies. I very rarely buy clothes after I've tried them on for the first time, preferring to wait a few days or weeks in case I change my mind. Changing room selfies allow me to look back on the pieces I liked, helping me make up my mind. I also always take a picture of the size and price, in case I decide to order it online later. Which pieces are your favourite?

Summer x


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