18 March 2017

The perfect transitional pieces

I'd like to think spring has finally sprung, yet as I type this there are gusts of wind rattling the tree branches outside the window - hopefully this will be the final cold snap of the year! We had beautiful weather in London one Thursday afternoon, so I dusted off one of my (many) light jackets in the wardrobe.

 I haven't had the chance to wear this jacket as I bought it in autumn last year, so I only managed to wear it a few times before it became weather inappropriate. It's one of my few impulse buys, I tried it on once in the shop and bought it straight away, which is very unlike me as I usually ponder over something for weeks before purchasing it! I've always loved the biker style jackets: the collar, the lapels and zip details. This is the only one I own that has a belt too, making it perfect for the chilly evenings or when it gets a little breezy. The colour is beautiful and different from most outerwear pieces, I don't even know which shade you would define it as. Tawny brown maybe?

It was my first time wearing these polka dot culottes which I borrowed from Holly. The material is very light so it's definitely more suited for the warmer seasons of the year. As you can tell there is so much fabric which made it a little tricky to shoot, I really had to 'pop' my hip out just to show the fact that they were culottes and not a skirt! 

These ones from Topshop fail to show my shape unlike the others I own. They are more of a mid-rise than a high-rise on me, which was fine but it made my stomach look a little unflattering in some shots, just because of the fabric and the fit. I would also be careful of the print in pictures!

I love transitional pieces. Culottes, midi dresses and skirts - perfect for Spring & Autumn. The lengths are ideal for those in-between temperatures, when it's chilly in the early mornings and evenings yet warm in the afternoons. This colour palette is definitely more autumnal than springy, because of the earth tone of the jacket. To make it a little more spring-like, I would probably wear a bright coloured piece, like bright boots or a bag. 

These pictures were taken the day before we left for home for the weekend. We were expecting to  just wander around Soho and shoot a few outfit pictures, instead we ended up walking all around London, from Oxford Street to Westminster, to Southbank and Leicester Square. 

After unsuccessfully finding a quiet spot for pictures (shocker), I noticed a little sign on the street. Roman Bath , Down Steps Turn Right. That street clearly knew exactly how to get my attention. Holly & I walked through a little tunnel that led onto the perfect quiet, isolated street. We shot these pictures whilst someone in a nearby room practiced the flute, and just as we were about to leave, a pianist began playing the City Of Stars melody from another nearby building.

We were lucky enough to spend our birthday back home in France which made me insanely happy. Despite air traffic controllers going on strike and our initial flight being cancelled, we eventually landed back on french soil, albeit a day later than expected. 
I desperately needed a change of scenery - empty fields that stretched to the horizon, birds singing to each other across the wide, open space, and the sun so bright I couldn't stop squinting. I spent my birthday week-end with my family, catching up and doing average, mundane things. Going on a walk through the woods with Bandit, watching Guardians Of The Galaxy and enjoying a delicious meal at our favourite restaurant. It was exactly what I needed.

Summer wears:

Zara biker jacket
Topshop polka dot culottes (here)
Zara 3/4 sleeve black blouse
Zara bag
Vagabond Marja ankle boots


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