15 March 2017

Something different

Bold red lip, hair up and face exposed - what's going on here then?
I have always, without fail, worn my curls down on a day out. If you look back on our blog posts from the last 4-5 years, I guarantee that you won't find one single picture of me with my hair up. I've always been self-conscious of my rounded shoulders and not-so-perfect posture, the result of being tall and shy as a young teenager. The thought of having my face fully exposed would've terrified 15 year old me, what with my Hobbit ears, broken nose and poor skin. Yet, here I am, showing those ears off to the world with a slap of shocking red lipstick. 
As I've reached my 22nd year, I've found myself trying out new things, big and small. Taking control. Grabbing on to that worry and anxiety and throwing it into the fire, breaking those restrictive chains that held me one step back, illuminating the things that I once hated but have grown to accept. 
I've been making a real effort to try out new things and stick to them. I've been successfully practicing yoga for nearly 4 months, I've been eating 3 proper meals a day, trying out different food, being more sociable and meeting with people, and pushing myself to work hard on everything I do.
Maybe it's the arrival of spring that's bought on this sudden surge of positivity. The season of growth and rebirth, a time to plant small seeds of change ready for future plans. We have a lot of exciting things planned for this year, and I cannot wait!
We must've walked half of London on the day we shot these pictures. 2 days before our 22nd birthday, we got on the train, not the faintest idea of where we were going. 
The universe gave us a beautiful, sunny, clear day. It was fairly warm, hot enough for me to remove my coat whilst walking through St James' Park in the sunshine. The flowers are finally blooming, providing some much needed color into our lives.

I had made my mind up the previous evening, as I began to prep my hair for the night: screw-it, let's put it up tomorrow. That Thursday morning, I french-braided my hair on either side, then with Summer's help (after searching the entire house for the vanishing bobby-pins), clipped the braids into place. Summer had also been pestering me to wear the red lipstick out, so with my already out-of-character hair-style I thought I might as well get that lippy on too. 

I bought the cropped black jumper from & Other Stories, my first ever clothing purchase from there. I had been looking for one like it forever, a piece which would perfectly match my many high-waisted/a-line skirts without clashing. The mustard yellow skirt, which I've grown to really love over the past couple of months, is an a-line faux-leather from Zara. I've always struggled to style it because of the colour and the texture, but I think it works so well against the strong yellow, especially with the bright red lip. 

The bag and shoes are also from Zara: non-leather beauties for only £30, which I've been wearing for every single trip to London. Though my feet ache the next day, they have never rubbed and are super comfortable.

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Holly x


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