20 March 2017

Get to know me: some fun facts about myself

The lovely Rebecca from Petite Style Diaries has challenged me to share some little facts about myself on here! She wrote a great article with some facts about herself, and talked about how we can be so inspired by other bloggers we follow, who we naturally want to learn more about.

Although I post regularly on Instagram and am no stranger to Twitter or Snapchat, I realized that many of my followers don't know much about me at all. Social Media is a great tool to learn more about other people's lives, but (and everyone is aware about this by now) social media itself is a filter, and a pretty darn good one.

There is an unspoken desire to share the very best versions of ourselves. Social media allows us to showcase the highlights of our day, glossing-over the less glamorous aspects of ours lives. We have to remind ourselves that a profile does not reflect someone's real-life or happiness. But- it's a great platform to illustrate your life in an arty way, and there is no shame in being proud of what content you put out there, but you should always be aware that people are much more than their Instagram profile.

I for one post pictures of me out and about, hanging with friends or looking dressed up, when in real-life I'm in my pyjamas 70% of the time, eating peanut butter out of a jar with a spoon and watching Supernatural for the 100th time.

Despite the downside, social media is pretty awesome. I can see what my favorite people are up to, I can keep in touch with my friends, support their work and projects, and I can get inspired.

I wouldn't be where I am today without social media. I've met many good blogger friends online, some of whom I have now met in person. People who have supported me for years and continue to do so, who have inspired me in so many ways. All you lovely bloggers who regularly comment on our blog, I hope you realize how much your support means to us. There is such a lovely blogging community out there and having that small space online where I can engage with them is just a wonderful thing. Here's to bloggers supporting bloggers <3

Now, back to the subject at hand: here are some fun facts about myself.

Where do you come from? 

I was born in a busy town in North London. My childhood was 'normal' until the age of 7, when I moved to the rural French countryside with my family. I lived there until the age of 21, when, after graduating from University, I moved back to the UK in pursuit of work and adventure.
All of my education has been in French, except for one Uni semester in 2015, when I was accepted into an International Exchange Program in Canada: I studied in my native language for the very first time at the age of 20.

What inspired you to start blogging? 

Summer & I have always enjoyed 'dressing up'. We grew up in a very rural area- As we grew out of playing in the garden and building cabins in the forest, we began to find new ways to entertain ourselves.
We used to spend afternoons trying on outfits, makeup, hair styles, taking terrible pictures, all to keep busy. And we loved it. Discovering platforms such as Lookbook or Bloglovin' was life-changing, in the sense that we felt like we found something we could contribute to. So that's when it all began, at the tender age of 14-15.

What gets you down? 

I originally intended to post a detailed answer to this question, but, I decided against it as it was just too gloomy! The thing that gets me down the most in life is hopelessness, and those ''what-is-the-point'' thoughts. As someone who tends to question and over-analyse everything, alot of things tend to bring me down. 

What music do you listen to?

As I've grown older, my musical taste has turned almost completely towards instrumental music, with movie scores being the main focus. John Williams, Danny Elfman, Henry Jackman, Michael Giacchino, Ramin Djawadi, Junkie XL- though my all time favorites are Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer. 
The Lord Of The Rings score will always inspire me more than anything else, it means so much to me.
I do listen to some artists however, my favorites being Florence + The Machine, Lana Del Rey & Enya.

Favorite movie scores and soundtracks: 
Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit trilogies 
Pirates of the Caribbean  
Guardians of the Galaxy
Mad Max: Fury Road - Brothers In arms
Shrek 2

Top 10 favorite films?

I could quote so many films here. Films are my favorite art form. I would not be who I am today without them. (keep in mind you're listening to a film studies grad here- the list is not long enough!)

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 1
A Knight's Tale
Harry Potter: all of them
Mad Max: Fury Road
10 Things I Hate About You
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

I think I should point out that just because these are my favorite films, it doesn't mean they're the best ones I've seen. Some of the best films I've seen, from a film student point of view, are: 

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
Forrest Gump
The Dark Knight 
Wolf of Wall Street

Top 10 favorite TV shows?
This is a tough one: I originally only listed 5 but it just wasn't enough! 

The Flash/Supergirl (it's a tie)
Stranger Things
Penny Dreadful
The Walking Dead
Peaky Blinders
Once Upon a Time
Game of Thrones

Favorite books/book series?

The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
A Song of Ice and Fire (GoT) by George R.R Martin
Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan
Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas
Harry Potter books by J.K Rowling

Dream job? 
Screen-Writer & blogger

Favorite food? 
Peanut Butter

3 unexpected facts about myself: 

  • My nose has been broken multiple times. A giant chunk of ice accidentally shoveled into my face in Lapland when I was about 7 did the most damage. (a good story though, right?)

  • I have 2 scars: one involved a rat and cheesy crisps crumbs, the other involved an a rather sharp metal door snib.

  • I unintentionally shut down an entire hotel resort in Florida when I was about 7 after I wandered off onto the beach to join my parents, having not told my grand-parents where I was going. (I thought I told my Granddad but it turns out he was asleep with his sunglasses on). 

So there you have it! Some fun facts about my life so far. Not sure how many people will be interested in reading this, but if you made it this far, thankyou!

Holly x


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