1 March 2017

Disconnected: thoughts on blogging, the fashion industry and mass-consumerism

Alright guys: it's a long one which get's a bit political so I hope you get through it. It came to me out of the blue tonight and I typed it all out within an hour. 

I've felt quite disconnected from this blog for the last couple of weeks.
I'm not bored of it, and I don't want to quit it. Blogging is my hobby and it brings me such joy. The problem is, I haven't been blogging 'properly' for a while now.

The vast majority of the posts on this blog are about fashion and personal style. Sharing our outfits was the starting point for The Twins' Wardrobe, and today it seems to have become our main source of content. Summer & I have always enjoyed dressing up, an interest which took root in our early years: a game, really, which evolved into something much deeper, a strong passion which ties to our identity.

However, appearance is just one part of who I am. The great thing about blogging is that I can thread my thoughts between the various pictures of me posing in my frocks, breaking up the blocks of visual, physical content which so often becomes un-captivating and overlooked with thought-provoking and somewhat stimulating text (I hope?).

Maybe it's my current in-between situation (post Uni, pre desired job) which is forcing me to overthink life in general (those omnipresent why and what-is-the-point thoughts), or it's the damn awful weather: something in my mind is nudging me to do more with my life, and, consequently, my hobbies. 

Blogging should be sharing what you're passionate about- as much as I love fashion, it is on equal ground with my love for films, good tv shows, books, theatre and instrumental music. To be honest, my love for films probably overshadows my love for fashion by a mile. Anyone who knows Summer and I understand how excitable we are- we get excited about everything film related, and we are constantly passing that electric energy between each-other. How does anyone get by when they don't have anyone to share their passions with? Summer & I are so lucky. 

So- I have a platform to share my thoughts, to share content and connect with people who share the same interests as me. Why on earth am I not fully sharing my love for culture? Blogging about fashion only is just not cutting it anymore. I want to blog about films and tv shows again, not just my outfits.

Personal and social developments over the years have piled up and brought about this sudden rant on the fashion industry and blogging. One of the reasons is that blogging has developed so much in such a short amount of time- and I find it hard to find relevant new content on social media, I also feel like I can't relate to many big/popular bloggers.
Secondly, I became a vegetarian over a year a half-ago, eating vegan as much as possible, which has pushed me to open my eyes to the use of animal testing in beauty products. I now purchase only cruelty-free make-up and beauty brands, and I can't find any excuse as to why I would decide to purchase from a brand who tests on animals.
I also grew more and more aware of the mass-consumerism in the fashion industry, and in our society in general, a society that wastes so much every year.

*Yep- Get ready to roll those eyes and grunt but do try keep an open mind*: 

As time goes by I find it harder and harder to ignore the negative effects of our society of mass-consumption (the overwhelming amount of waste produced by mainstream clothing companies, global warming, mistreatment and abuse of animals), so much so that it's completely changed the way I blog.

I can't help but pick out all the negative things about the fashion industry. I've become a much more conscious consumer: avoiding buying leather or things I just don't need, or things I will only wear once, buying cruelty-free beauty products etc. The more I learn, the more difficult it becomes.
Yet I still feel a strong urge to do something more, something positive with the blog.

If I am to accomplish anything with The Twins' Wardrobe, it might as well be something important and good

The thing is, by cutting out brands which aren't mainstream (who contribute to mass-consumption), I'm making fashion blogging much more difficult, and success is much, much less likely to happen, because the opportunities are scarce. & for money reasons, cruelty-free & organic/green brands aren't popular.

But, it's worth it, and I've made up my mind about it. The money is not worth giving up those values. 

So that's it. That is the main reason I've been struggling with the blog lately. A new view on the fashion industry and a desire to share more of what brings me happiness.
I'm ready to start sharing more reviews on books, films, boxsets and theatre, my favorite playlists, my favorite activities, and more.

NOW- After that mouthful let's get back to something more light-hearted:

2017 goals for The Twins' Wardrobe: 

- Share our love for culture: films, tv shows, theatre and music
- Be more conscious in our fashion choices 
- Use our voice to spread the world of cruelty-free and conscious brands.

We're not giving up on the fashion side of The Twins Wardrobe: only putting more effort into it, and welcoming more lifestyle posts into our content. 

If you made it all the way to the end, I genuinely appreciate it. 

Let me know your thoughts about this, and don't be shy about it!


P.S: please don't hesitate to share any cruelty-free brands or green fashion brands, I'd really love to hear about them!


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