10 March 2017

Cropped in Cambridge

 The first weekend of March was spent wandering around Cambridge. Because of the weather, we hadn't intended on taking outfit pictures, but we brought the camera along just in case the opportunity presented itself. Thankfully the rain stopped for a short while and we were able to snap these in one of the many narrow streets in the town center! We also visited the Fitzwilliam Museum that we'll include in a separate 'travel' post.

 The streets almost felt like a maze of tall red brick walls, with a small door in every other wall leading to the grounds of a spectacular Hogwarts-esque university. Needless to say the town was filled with students and tons of cyclists, just another Friday afternoon in the center.

I decided to wear my long tweed coat as it was pretty miserable weather that day, along with my houndstooth print cropped trousers/culottes and ankle boots. A pretty simple combo but one that works every time!

These next few weeks may be a little quiet in terms of outfit content, we took two weeks off taking any blog pictures to recharge a little! I think it's important to take a break every once in a while to reflect on past content and get some inspiration! We're also back home in France for a few days for our birthday, spending some much needed family time at home.

 We have also got a few film/tv posts that are waiting to be posted, so keep an eye out for that! x

Summer x

Summer wears

Zara tweed coat
Mango bell sleeve thin jumper
Zara houndstooth cropped trousers
Vagabond ankle boots
Zara convertible backpack bag

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