1 February 2017

Whitehall Gardens, London

After a tasty lunch at Maxwell's in Covent Garden, Summer & I took our Dad to Waterloo Station as he made his way back home to France. We walked out of the station, no clue where we were headed, our only goal to explore and breathe in the City of London. The beauty about this little trip was that it was quite spontaneous- planned only the night before, we didn't know where we would end up that Friday afternoon. We walked along the Queen's Walk, stood by the edge of the Thames to admire the view, when a couple of multi-colored pigeons flew straight towards us and perched upon our heads. After a short moment of bewilderment, we stood there motionless as their owner quickly strolled over asked if we wanted a photo. We politely declined, hoping the birds were fairly treated and not kept in some tiny cage somewhere. Despite the minor animal safety concern, I couldn't help but quietly smile- such a random thing to occur on this sunny Friday afternoon in January. 

We stood by the edge of the river just next to the London Eye, taking a few outfit pictures and just enjoying the moment, before walking towards Westminster Bridge and crossing the Thames, occasionally bumping into groups of tourists. We wanted to make the most of the afternoon and shoot some blog content, despite my oncoming cold- so we kept walking, looking for another location. 

That's when we arrived at Whitehall Gardens on Victoria Embankment, a beautifully designed green area with dozens of very old, wonky trees and several statues- the outer-edges of the park lined with benches where you could sit quietly and rest your feet. We quickly resumed our picture-taking, shooting as many as we could before the afternoon light faded. This is one of the very few outfits we've shot in central London- and I'm so happy with the results! Despite the huge crowds of people in the streets, and the small groups of Business men and women crossing the park as we took the pictures, I didn't feel uncomfortable or awkward, which as many fashion bloggers may know is a HUGE accomplishment. We just got on with it, despite the cold, my sore feet and the curious glances. 

The one thing which really bothers me about this look is my hair- I'm letting it grow long for the first time in 2-3 years, and natural curls can be difficult to keep in the winter months, especially when you have a scarf curled around your neck and you're wearing a chunky jumper. I desperately want to go blonder in the next couple of months, but I'm so worried that I somehow end up with a horrible yellow mess. Something needs to be done quickly though as my natural, ash blonde roots have made a comeback. Can any of you recommend a good hairdresser in central London? 

I've worn this beige oversize jumper from H&M for my last couple of trips to London because I can easily wear a couple of thin t-shirts underneath, and I love the color of it! I also recently got these faux-leather heeled-boots from Zara (well, as an early birthday gift- thankyou Mum!) which really smarten up any look, and they are so comfortable! My feet were aching because of all the walking, but they didn't rub anywhere which is great. I finished the look with my boyfriend wool blend coat from Zara as it makes the outfit a little more polished with it's sharp shoulder lines.

Where are your favorite shoot locations in London? Do you find it hard to shoot near big crowds?
Hope you all have a lovely week!

Holly x

Insta: hollyxread

Holly is wearing: 

Beige jumper: H&M
Black skinnies: Zara
Masculine coat: Zara (link here)
Contrast high-heel ankle boots (faux-leather): Zara (link here) only £29.99!


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