10 February 2017

Thames Walk in Houndstooth Print Culottes

It's incredible how despite visiting central London on an almost weekly basis, an iconic landscape can still take my breath away and fill me with excitement. When we exited the Monument tube station and found the Thames pathway, we were met with a rather beautiful view of the Tower Bridge, enhanced by the lovely clear sky that morning.

 The wind soon picked up when we reached the pathway, my long coat swinging dramatically behind me and my hair flying in every direction. All this sounds pretty cool until you try and take pictures, most of them resulted in rather unattractive facial expressions! Let's take a moment to appreciate Holly's photography skills, I'm so incredible happy with all of our recent blog posts - our new lens has allowed us to really up our game and enhance our overall blog 'look'.

I was initially wearing my large grey scarf with this outfit which matched the colour of my houndstooth print culottes, but with the wind it was a little tricky to capture it. I'm still on a self-imposed clothes spending ban, I'm actually trying to clear some of my wardrobe out at the moment as there are so many things that I simply haven't worn in months! For now I'm quite content with the pieces I have, which include this trench coat that my Mum got me as an early birthday present and Holly's boots which I managed to walk in for (most) of the day! What do you guys think of this outfit? Let me know!
Summer x

Summer wears:

Zara oversize long trench coat
Zara houndstooth print culottes
Zara convertible back pack bag
Zara high heel ankle boots
Stradivarius jumper

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