18 February 2017

Spitalfields Market

If you've been following us for a while, you might have noticed that Summer & I tend to shoot items we've worn several times over and over again. I know that many fashion bloggers who follow the latest trends tend to share outfits focused on the season's new favorite piece, or only share outfits they've never worn before. Summer & I consider ourselves part fashion blogger part personal style blogger, incorporating the latest fashion pieces we like into our personal styles. But even that is quite rare. I've come to notice that I barely follow the latest trends at all, instead focusing my attention on individual pieces that just catch my eye, whether they're considered this season's 'trend' or not. And those are the pieces that I wear regularly for a couple of years (at least!). Plus, how difficult is it to always come up with brand new outfits for every single post? I can't afford to splurge vast amounts of money on new clothes every. single. month. (I can't afford it, but mistakes do happen).

I think there is a bit of pressure on bloggers today to share new pieces/outfits. If I'm shooting an outfit I know I've worn before or that's similar to something I previously posted, I get worried no-one is going to enjoy the post or even bother reading it. 

All of these factors just fuel my creativity- Don't have any new pieces to shoot? Think about how you can make something new with what you already have. Take it as a challenge. Mix things up a bit: different lipstick, hair, swap flats for heels, throw pieces together even if you think they will clash. Experiment with staple pieces: take your fave pair of jeans or skirt and play around with it. Try it with a t-shirt, then a blouse, then a jumper- How can you change the look of those jeans? Tuck in the shirt, put on a belt, add some jewelry... There are so many little changes you can make to an outfit to alter the style, and in turn create something entirely new.

Summer and I have worn both the blouse and the faux-leather skirt SO many times before. We've had the skirt for years now and we still wear it regularly because we love it that much. I consider both pieces 'staple items', so I've never actually paired them together before. I was pleasantly surprised with the result, I feel like the outfit really expresses my excitement for spring! The dusty pink tones work really well against the darker hunter green shade of the skirt. 

Do you avoid shooting outfits when you don't have any new pieces? Do you follow the season's trends? Would love to know your thoughts about this!

Have a lovely week-end! 

Holly x

Holly is wearing: 

Dusty pink floral bodysuit: Zara
A-line faux-leather skirt: Zara
convertible back-pack: Zara
Masculine coat: Zara (link here)
Shoes: Vagabond


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