24 February 2017

Polka Dot culottes

Summer has told me over and over and OVER again that she isn't happy with these pictures we shot by Liverpool Street station last week- I'm posting them anyway because I'm quite happy with them, though there aren't that many because it was so windy on this day, it was hard to get a good shot!

Even with good weather, we've discovered over the past couple of months that shooting in central London isn't as fun as it sounds.

It's hard enough to shoot in any busy town or city. There's nothing like stopping every 2 minutes for someone to disappear from the frame (a tall young man actually apologized for this last week, how cute was that?), or smiling awkwardly at the passers-by who are wondering what the hell you're doing, or walking for ages to find a relatively quiet, aesthetically pleasing backdrop. & then there's the worry that someone is going to try and snatch your camera, or catcall you, or mock you etc etc etc. 

We had almost given up finding a location to shoot my outfit in. The sun was on it's way down, the wind was picking up, and my ankles were beginning to freeze. When we found ourselves on Oxford Street, I couldn't resist a quick late lunch in Topshop, away from the crowds of people and the noisy streets. 'We'll shoot it another day' I said, unwilling to keep up the search when we weren't guaranteed to find anywhere at all.

When we arrived at Liverpool Street Station, I had the sudden urge to do a last minute search for a reasonably empty street. We walked out, blindly searching for a location when we found this small area a few streets away. It was empty, quiet. A last resort!

We only had 20-25 minutes to get the pictures done before we had to catch our train- so we quickly got to work and took as many as we could in the short time frame!

I added these polka-dot culottes from Topshop to my collection last month, a purchase which ended my month-long clothes spending ban, much needed after the Christmas pay-out!

Bag and heeled boots are faux-leather from Zara, bell-sleeve top is an oldie but a goodie from Mango.

Hope you have a lovely week-end!

Holly x

Week-end soundtrack: Lana Del Rey - Love 


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