27 February 2017

Colville Place

We were walking around the Fitzrovia neighborhood in London for the first time, with the lovely golden sunshine on our backs and our shadows dancing on the ground. Having to remove my scarf because of the warmth, wearing less layers and dreaming about the upcoming arrival of spring. I feel as though my mood has improved drastically because of the beautiful weather. Listening to the birds sing, admiring the blue sky whilst putting the washing out to dry, the longer days where I leave work feeling refreshed instead of feeling ready for tv & bed. This is the first spring I have ever spent away from home. Spring in rural France is simply stunning. The hundreds of trees lining every road begin to bloom, creating a dreamy setting fit for a painting. The world changes from dreary and dull to a flourishing one, full of endless beauty. I'm still finding my way here. I miss home, but I know there are hundreds of different paths I can take here. I like to think the path is already laid beneath my feet, I simply need to take the first step.

After wandering around for a while, we came across this little cute street and decided to shoot my pictures here. I was wearing my oversize trench over this look because it's not that warm just yet! This is the first time I've worn an a-line skirt in ages - I love a-lines as they are so flattering on the legs and waist, this faux leather one from Zara has lasted me almost 2 years now! I realized upon editing these pictures that the colour of the skirt and the jacket clash a little but I think I can still get away with it, right? This jacket keeps me so warm too, hopefully it won't be long before we can ditch the coats and rediscover all of our light jackets currently sitting at the back of our wardrobes!

This is definitely one of my favourite looks for a day in London, especially when you plan on going in the shops as it's easy to get out of in the changing rooms! I'm still on a clothes spending ban, although I've been pinning tons of pieces on my Wishlist board on Pinterest!

What is your favourite outfit for a trip to the city?
Summer x

Summer wears:
Zara a-line faux leather skirt (black version here)
Zara simple 3/4 sleeve ribbed top
Zara convertible bag
Vagabond Marja boot


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