15 February 2017

A Little Red Lipstick

The Red Lip. Often described as bold, daring, classic... Each of us has heard of the power of red lipstick, the scary moment before you apply it for the 1st time yet the confidence boost it offers once it's on. Growing up, I always used to try various lipsticks, smiling and laughing at myself in the bathroom mirror, an 8 year old playing dress up with her Mum's makeup. Lipstick was such an adult thing. Yet as my teenage years came along, I never bought lipstick. If you look through our archives, you'll see that we didn't start wearing it on a daily basis until 2 or 3 years ago. So why the wait?

After *puberty*, my round face lengthened, my cheekbones became sharper but I soon realized that I had an extremely asymmetrical face compared to my twin. One side of my face has a much stronger jaw line compared to the other, and a rather irritating deviated septum with a bulbous tip, which results in a wonky cupid's bow and lips that are far from symmetrical. After years of googling plastic surgery before and after pictures. I accepted my face for the way it is and don't get me wrong, I'm pretty happy with the way I look today. In pictures, I'm always looking the side, because we all have a preferred 'good side', right?

Back to the lipstick. For so long I thought lipstick wouldn't suit me because of the wonky shape of my lips, worried that I couldn't pull it off because I didn't have the 'perfect pout'. But, in the past few years, I've learnt to embrace it and, to be blunt, not give a crap about it anymore.

That being said, I've learnt a few make up tricks over the years: ensuring my eyebrows frame my face and balance out my features (which makes a pretty big difference) and lining my top lips to even the shape out a little!

I love this lipstick and I'm so happy (and proud of myself!) that I finally bought one. After weeks of wondering which shade and brand to buy, I decided to give the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick a try!

I've had this outfit in mind for a while now - my very tight fitting jeans for Asos, paired with this H&M blazer and a Topshop polka dot blouse. I don't often mix prints, but since the polka dots on the blouse are quite small I didn't think the end result was too much of a shock to the eyes. I've seen tons of outfit variations with this blazer that I was a little apprehensive about this look at first, I'm always worried I unintentionally copy another bloggers outfit! I borrowed Holly's bag and heeled ankle boots which I've been wearing a lot recently, they haven't rubbed at all which is always a bonus as most shoes really rub my bony feet for months. 

What are your thoughts on red lipstick, have you tried it yet? 
Summer x

Summer wears:

H&M double breasted jacket/blazer
Topshop ditsy spot frill tie top 
Asos high waist ripped jeans
Stradivarius belt
Zara bag & boots

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