28 January 2017

The 'masculine' wool coat

As much as I love this 'masculine' wool coat from Zara, it doesn't offer much against the cold. You need to perfect the art of layering if you're willing to wear it out during the winter months, but once you've cracked the technique, it works pretty well. If I'm going to London for the day, I make sure I wear a tank top (or even two) underneath a thin, warm jumper: no bulky-ness under the arms and no lumps and bumps to ruin the sharp lines of the shoulders and back.  

The mom jeans are a must for everyone: they can be dressed up or down, worn with heels or trainers, jumpers or t-shirts, long coats or cropped jackets: they are the ultimate staple item. I usually hate wearing jeans- well, skinnies to be precise- but mom jeans are loose and more comfortable, they are also much warmer. I also love how they look with a good belt- sometimes that's all you need to bring an outfit together!

We took these pictures the day we went to see Rogue One for the second time in IMAX (I love going to the cinema, it's my all time favorite hobby!), and feeling comfortable when you're immersing yourself in a new world is really important to me. I have to be fully prepared: bottle of water at the ready, back-up contact lenses, and warm, comfy clothes. 

 Holly is wearing:

Mom jeans: Zara (link here) only £25
Ribbed turtle neck burgundy jumper: H&M (link here) Conscious collection!
faux-leather Belt: Stradivarius (link here)
Masculine wool blend coat: Zara (link here)
Rucksack: Zara


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