18 January 2017

Polka Dots at the V&A

 I feel like I've always been the kind of person who values experience over materialistic things. I would rather spend my time and money on experiencing something that will help me grow as an individual, something that would benefit my mind & expand my knowledge on a variety of topics. I think it's one of the reasons why I love spending afternoons at museums. They offer an overwhelming amount of information, glimpses into worlds and cultures that are the foundations of our current society. There is so much art, so much history and culture that you can't help but feel inspired and moved. This sculpture was created by someone whose bones became dust long ago. The person who crafted a stunning piece of jewelry had a name that hasn't been spoken out loud in centuries. Yet, the product of their hard work remains on display for us to admire. I always feel a little sad admiring jewelry on display - when was the last time this century old necklace felt the warmth of skin? Can't I just wear the crown for five minutes? Still, these pieces of art that are indescribably beautiful are reminders of what we, as individuals, can achieve. Museums allow us to discover more about our past, our achievements and our failures - it offers an experience that money simply cannot buy.

With all that being said about 'experiences' and buying things, it's difficult to come to terms with being a blogger, being someone who contributes to a society of mass consumption: I buy clothes that are produced in mass, who invests in materialistic things such as shoes and make-up. It's a difficult subject matter to come to terms with, but I'd like to think that although I do buy clothes, I only buy pieces that I plan on wearing until they are worn beyond repair. And if I end up no longer wearing them, I can sell them so someone else who can also enjoy them. It's nice to know that many high street brands are adopting this 'conscious' and eco-friendly approach, paving the way for a more ethical and sustainable future for the fashion industry. 

Now, let's talk about something a little more lighthearted! Did you know it's surprisingly difficult to take pictures in museums? I for one, end up getting distracted and reading every single bit of text I see, before wandering off absentmindedly with my camera and losing sight of the friends I'm with. I want to thank Holly for taking all of these outfit pictures of me, and if you're wondering why there are so few pictures of her, it's because I got distracted by the art around me. Blogging fail. It was also our first time using our new lens on something other than outfit pictures outside, which meant that most of the pictures came out blurry (it takes a while to get used to a new lens!) which wasn't unexpected, but we knew the lighting is just too good in museums to pass up the outfit-of-the-day picture opportunity! Of course a wide angle lens is the one to have for museums, as our 50mm is best for portraits & street style. So, although I wasn't able to capture the Natural History Museum or the V&A's beauty in their entirety, I was able to capture the stunning details.

I bought this lovely polka dot blouse in Topshop recently! (also available in red!) I haven't purchased anything from there in months, maybe even over a year - but this caught my eye instantly. It reminded me of the gorgeous pieces by the french brand Rouje, created by the one and only Jeanne Damas. I love the frill details and the slightly bell sleeves, the v-neck and of course the front of the top which is attached through tying four bits of string together. I paired it with my high waist asos jeans, although next time I think I'll stick with the low waist jeans so I can show off a belt better and tuck the blouse in a little. 
Summer x

Summer wears:
polka dot blouse from Topshop
high waist black jeans from Asos
belt from Stradivarius
ankle boots from Vagabond
bag from Zara


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