16 January 2017

Photo Diary: The V&A and Natural History Museum in London

The Victoria & Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum in London are two of my favourite places in the world. You can feel the old, powerful energy radiating from hundreds upon hundreds of pieces of History, all beautifully displayed in architectural heaven. 

These pictures were taken during our visit to the two museums a couple of weeks ago with our friend Eloise. They are located next to each other, easily accessible and hard to miss with their overwhelmingly beautiful architecture. Unfortunately the NHM was under alot of construction work during our visit, with most of the Museum shut off to visitors, meaning we didn't get to shoot our favourite area in the entrance of the Museum. 

With so many treasures in every room, it's hard to capture everything. With our new 50mm f1.4 lens, we were unable to successfully picture many wide shots of various galleries, instead focusing on the details.

We put together a post with some of our favorite pictures taken through-out the day, many of which you may notice aren't crystal clear- Many of the galleries (especially in the V&A) are quite dark as to ensure the protection of the artifacts from the sunlight. Nevertheless, I feel like our pictures successfully translate the emotions felt in a museum: admiration, wonder, maybe even a bit of hope.

Holly x


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