26 January 2017

Navy Polka Dots

One thing I love doing is looking through my favourite outfit combinations and seeing how I can improve them. How nice would a maxi beige trench look with this shirt and culottes? I should probably have avoided tights under my culottes too, but it was SO cold when we took these that I honestly regret nothing. It's something I'd like to do on the blog this year - revisit some of my all time favorite looks, but make a few improvements here and there. Swap one coat for another, use a different bag or even try out some different make-up looks with it. So maybe I'll re-shoot this outfit in the spring, with a light trench coat and without the tights and hidden layers!

I fell quickly in love with this beautiful navy polka dot shirt from Zara. Navy is probably my favourite colour, not only does it make my eyes pop but it just looks so sophisticated and grown up. I'm also quite obsessed with polka dot at the moment, this is the second polka dot blouse I've bought in a month! I'm on a clothes spending ban at the moment, so hopefully that the will be the end of it (for now). I paired this blouse with my all time favourite black culottes which never let me down, I've had them for well over a year and a half now and they still remain one of my most worn pieces!
I borrowed Holly's masculine wool coat from Zara, although as I said I would love to have worn a camel coloured coat with it to lighten up the palette a little. Will definitely be wearing this for an afternoon out in London someday!

A side note - I can't get over just how ginger my hair is? Since the age of about 12 or 13, my hair has gradually gone from ash blonde to strawberry blonde. In the winter, as you can probably notice in our blog pictures, I get naturally dark roots despite not dyeing my hair! This is why I occasionally use a non-permanent dye the same colour as my natural hair just to tone down them down a little. May have to do this soon as they are getting really noticeable again! 
Summer x

 Summer wears:

zara masculine wool coat
zara navy polka dot shirt
zara black cropped trousers
zara city bag
vagabond marja boots


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