24 January 2017

Embroidered Midi Dress by Dezzal

Summer & I very rarely have the opportunity to wear evening dresses. It's a quiet dream of mine to wear a beautiful dress to a special dinner, celebration or event. I missed out on the traditional prom experience, I didn't have a graduation party, and my birthday celebrations have proved to be horrendously boring the past few years (i.e. in my pyjamas by 11pm). 

In collaboration with Dezzal, Summer and I chose two evening dresses to shoot (see Summer's here). I opted for this beautiful deep blue mesh embroidered a-line midi dress, the top sheer layer of fabric embroidered with beautiful designs of peacocks. The deep-blue colour is quite regal, softened by the delicate, intricate bird designs which create a sharp yet welcome contrast. placing this dress in the ethereal category. 

It feels quite heavy when it's on, but not restricting: the silky fabric underneath makes it comfortable to wear, the several layers falling perfectly to create that dreamy a-line shape. It's fitted around the chest and shoulders- tight enough to show off your shape but loose enough to dance around in.
Unfortunately, the dress needs altering slightly around the waist for that perfect fit- which is why I decided to shoot the dress on it's own. The sleeves reach down the elbows, trimmed to show off the forearm and wrist. At just below knee length, the dress has the traditional classic midi shape, not just perfect for polished parties, but for weddings too. 
I believe that today, evening dresses are more special than they were in the past, only because we don't often have the occasion to wear them. It's a shame, but it gives them more value, and when the time comes to wear an evening dress, it's all the more exciting.

I can't wait to wear it out and shoot some more photos in it- this shade of blue is one of my top favorite colours. It'll also give me the opportunity to shoot in a more elegant location! 

What are you thoughts on evening dresses? Do you wish we had more opportunities to wear them? 

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Holly x

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