11 January 2017

Jonathan Byers' Denim Jacket

 Happy New Year!!

Super excited to get back on the blogging track- We had the best couple of weeks back home with our family over the festive period, despite suffering from the flu and horrible homesickness (the one you get before you even leave home). 

We got a beautiful new Canon f1.4 50mm camera lens from our wonderful parents (thanks so much Mum and Dad!) for Christmas, which we put to use for the first time last week! Our blog photos hadn't evolved much for a good few years, we desperately wanted to get out of that rut. Our inability to improve our blog pictures was holding us back and weighing us down, making us feel like we weren't ever going to move forward.

Blogging has evolved so much since we first began back in 2012. Most of the bloggers I followed were based in the US, I followed very few UK bloggers, and I only really followed their lookbook page (which was, at the time, the BEST way to discover fashion bloggers). When we started out our pictures were very basic, and our posts would include very little text, whereas today the standard is so high (something to be super proud of- all that hard work pays off!) - It's so impressive, sometimes I have to step back and wonder if I can even call myself a blogger when I am in no way near that level, despite blogging regularly for nearly 5 years. On top of that, the blogging community has grown immensely over the past few years, making it more and more difficult to find your own space.

With so many different platforms on which to share new content, and it can be hard to keep up when it's constantly evolving. With such a high standard, it's much harder for bloggers to start off today than it was a few years ago. Most people today value the picture quality as much as the content, which makes it difficult to build up a following if you don't have a decent camera. It's as if you no longer have the luxury of making mistakes and learning from them, you have to dive straight into the deep-end without all those years of practice and failures.

However, I have seen bloggers who have been blogging for only a year or so who have a much larger following than I do, and it's hard not to think 'why am I not at that level yet? Where did I go wrong?'. The truth is, I can't keep up with the busy schedule- I can't post more than twice a week, I rarely have the opportunity to post new content on Instagram every day. How can I ever move forward if I don't have the time or means to do so? It definitely makes me appreciate bloggers who post at least 3x a week- your hard work isn't going unnoticed!

 All that being said, I'm quite glad we started literally from rock bottom- Our pictures have improved an incredible amount over the past few years. Sure, some people have progressed much more in a shorter amount of time, but that's how I get inspired. I love seeing what my fellow bloggers are up to and supporting them- it's one of the best things about being a blogger. 

  I fell in love with this black denim jacket as soon as I laid eyes on it- Not only does it look exactly like Jonathan Byers' jacket from Stranger Things, it was also only £45 from Topshop. I've wanted one for so long, so I'm feeling very proud that this was my first purchase of 2017!

Holly x

Holly is wearing: 

MOTO Black Denim Oversized Jacket: Topshop (link here)
Oversized knitted polo neck jumper: H&M  (link here)
Green Cross-Body Bag with Scarf Detail: Zara (link here) (sale!)
Plain Faux-Leather Belt: Stradivarius (link here)
Silver Earrings: & Other Stories x
Low waist black skinnies: Zara
Heeled boots: Vagabond
Burgundy bobble hat: Zara


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