30 January 2017


Look who finally took pictures of this blazer! After seeing some of my favourite bloggers in it I couldn't help try but try it on in store, and after several weeks of ms and arghs I decided to get it.

Although I don't often wear blazers, I can't deny the confidence boost it offers when wearing one. This one has padded shoulders and is more of a longline fit - I didn't take the length into account when putting this outfit together, next time I'd love to have a pair of cropped flared jeans or trousers to wear with it! It's too cold to wear it on it's own at the moment, but can easily be worn under a slightly oversize coat if, unlike me. you have mastered the art of layering.

I kept it simple with my Zara trousers and an old white blouse. I've worn black trousers for the past few outfit posts so will try and avoid wearing them for a while and actually make an effort by wearing more skirts and culottes. Tights can be warm, right?

I also think something is a little off about these pictures, despite feeling 'in the zone', my body language seems a little different than usual. Holly & I have been trying, and failing, to do more street style shots where there a little more movement, just to make our content a bit more interesting. However it's easier said than done, and most of the time the pictures turn out slightly out of focus or we are mid-blink and just look a little ridiculous. I know it's a process of trial and error, but any tips?

Summer wears

blazer: H&M
white blouse: zara
black trousers: zara
khaki bag: zara
boots: vagabond

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