23 January 2017


I hate wearing jeans. I will always, always chose a skirt over jeans. High-waisted, a-line, midi, pleated, anything to avoid that sausage-leg feeling. I've had this corduroy a-line piece for a couple of years now, and although it's barely holding together, it's still a personal favorite. (& for only 7 euros in Zara, what could go wrong?)

Needless to say this outfit is totally weather inappropriate- and short. Very short. Will definitely double check my reflection next time!

In other news: I've been wanting to go blonder for years now, and I feel like the time has come to finally do something about it. I'm thinking highlights or balayage, (though my actual dream is to go Targaryen blonde) somewhere in London that uses Olaplex to keep those curls as healthy as possible- any suggestions? 

Holly x

 Holly is wearing: 

A-line corduroy skirt: Zara
Ribbed turtleneck jumper: H&M Conscious Collection (link here)
Green box bag with scarf detail: Zara
MOTO oversized clean jacket: Topshop (link here)

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