14 January 2017

Casual Oversize Jumper

 This outfit is literally my everyday look. For work, I keep it casual and stick with jeans and jumpers, occasionally swapping my ankle boots for my docs. It's the easiest outfit to put together at 6am and works every time! My coat smartens the look up, with the sharp cut of my long tweed coat and Holly's one I'm borrowing here! I need to talk about these jeans though. I have always been a 32 leg, yet these ones from ASOS are wayyy too long and inevitably scrunch up, I usually hide this with my boots but after these pictures I'm more motivated than ever to alter them! This navy blue striped jumper from Zara is so unbelievably cosy, I feel like a content potato whenever I wear it.

I'm currently enforcing a clothes spending ban, I'm trying to save as much money as possible so cutting down on clothes, cinema tickets and travel (which are pretty much the only 3 things I spend my money on) will no doubt have a positive impact on my bank balance and a rather negative one on my social life aha. Instead I'll focus on creating blog content and working on some other personal goals too, which includes script-writing! Lately I keep reminding myself to take one step at a time, (try) not to worry so much and stop putting tons of pressure on myself, as it began to really weigh down on me towards the end of last year. Here's to a year of self-love and positive thinking.

On a lighter note, I currently have a not-so-small collection of pieces I need to shoot so I can share on here! I have so many outfit ideas and can't wait to create some content I'm proud of. I've never felt so at ease with my own personal style and way I present myself, and I'm hoping 2017 is the year we finally turn The Twins Wardrobe in to the platform we've been dreaming of! Hope you're having a lovely week! Summer x

Summer wears:

zara navy and white striped oversize jumper
zara masculine black wool coat
asos high rise black skinny jeans
asos box bag
doc martens


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