13 December 2016


On a typical day out, we get asked if we're twins at least once, though if I remember correctly the all time record is 4. Whether it's at a family gathering, meeting friends of friends, or staff in shops, it would seem that the subject of twins remains a curious, intriguing topic.
When we meet new people, the most popular questions include 'Do you get along?', 'Do you do everything together?', 'Do you share things?'. The answer is yes, yes and yes.

Many of you know that Summer & I live together, and sharing a wardrobe has been the norm for us since we were children. We had our own bedroom for the 1st time ever when we were 18, at our flat in France for university. That was the 1st time we separated our belongings into two spaces, but even then we would wander in the other one's room to borrow something.
Due to our current living situation, all of our belongings are again in one wardrobe which, more often than not, ressembles an organised mess.

So, when we want to wear something the other twin has worn before but make it our own, how do we go about it? It can be difficult to establish your own look away from your twin's, especially when you both like pretty much exactly the same stuff. Because we do look so similar and have the same style, it's best not to overthink it and make it your own in your own way.

Despite sharing most items, we have always styled them in our own individual way. Summer tends to wear trousers and jeans more often, I on the other hand prefer my a-line skirts. Other aspects of our appearance weigh in on this- hair parting, make-up, shoes, jewelry... There are so many things you can do to your appearance to create your own individual look. This may seem far-fetched to some of you if you really can't tell us apart, but for Summer and I, making slight changes in the details has always been essential to us: we both have our own individual pieces of jewelry, rings that we associate only with ourselves, shoes or coats that we wouldn't share. That may not be a major visual component in our day-to-day look, but nonetheless those little differences are important.

I put together a few pictures for you all, which I really enjoyed doing! I think I'll definitely have to continue this trend as it's always interesting for us to compare our outfits! Would love to hear some of your thoughts about this post as it's so different to anything we've done before!

Hope you're all having a lovely December!

Holly x

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