27 December 2016

Reflecting on 2016

With 2017 around the corner, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on this whirlwind year. Partially inspired by the current #TodayImGrateful tag on twitter, a very positive & inspiring mouvement that I love.

2016 has been an ok year. I consider 2015 the best year of my life, it was filled with travel & adventure (Florida, Toronto & New York) that 2016 unsurprisingly fell short on the excitement scale. 2016 has had it moments though, both good and bad. (Let's skip the bad though!)

  1.  I graduated!

Yes, I finally finished university, and it's something I'm incredibly proud of! Saying I worked my butt off in my 2nd & 3rd year is an understatement, I spent 90% of my free time preparing for presentations & studying, to ensure I had the best grades on my degree certificate. Needless to say it was worth it in the end, I got a Performing Arts degree in my second language!

     2. Living & working in London

When I say I live in London, I mean I live in zone 5 of North London where I have to take the overground to get to a tube station. I also don't have my own place yet! I'm also not working in the field I want to work in (yet - but staying optimistic!) however I'm earning some money which is something I truly need before I take any further steps in the right direction. With central London literally on my doorstep, these pasts few months have been incredible. Being able to spontaneously go to London for an afternoon wandering around museums, shopping & meeting up with friends and going to delicious restaurants is something I'm very grateful for. 

     3. Friendship

Like every year, I have had some truly wonderful memories with my friends. Although leaving my home in France was difficult, I was able to have some great days out with those closest to me before I moved away. But moving to England has also allowed me to spend time with other close friends too, and make some new ones. Needless to say these people are responsible for the fondest memories of this year!

     4. Pop Culture

Supernatural, Fantastic Beasts & Game Of Thrones. Throne Of Glass, The Gunslinger. New soundtracks to listen to, new fictional characters to inspire me, new book series to read... Pop Culture has a huge role in my life, as it's a necessity when you're a film graduate or in that kind of industry. You need to watch tv shows & films (the good AND the bad) to learn and stay up to date in terms of the theoretical & political aspects, especially if you're aiming to work in the industry! All in all, this year has given us some gooood television moments. I've also been reading a lot of Stephen King these past few months, my brother recommended The Gunslinger series and I'm loving it! Will definitely post a short review!

     5. Blogging

Although I haven't achieved as much I would have liked in terms of blogging this year, I'm pretty happy with the content we have created! I'm really happy with where my style is at, I feel genuinely myself and at ease with the way I dress & present myself to the world! I'm more inspired than ever, ready to elevate our blog's standard and truly create content we are proud of, whilst being more present on all social media platforms!

Hope you're all having a wonderful festive season and wishing you all the best for 2017! Summer x

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