16 December 2016

& Other Stories Earrings

I always get a little excited when I buy something from a brand I've never bought from before. It's so easy to constantly shop from the same stores all the time. Having lived 5 minutes away from a Zara & Mango for several years, my wardrobe was only made up of pieces from these two shops (definitely not a bad thing!).

 Now that the shopping heaven that is Oxford Street (using this term lightly, although once you get used to the crowds it's easier!) is a half hour away, I've been making myself  walk into shops I've only ever browsed online. Although the majority of pieces from & Other Stories are out a little out of my price range, I found the jewelry decently priced and too pretty to resist. I spent ages trying to decide between several pairs of earrings.

 For someone who strictly sticks to silver jewelry, recently I've been wanting to try out some more gold pieces. I also went for slightly bigger earrings too, with a little one next to them for one ear. Looking at the pictures now I wish I bought some simple gold studs to go with these larger ones, but I'm so glad I got them! What's great is that Holly ended up buying the same in silver. They're the perfect little touch to an outfit, can't wait to wear them for Christmas!

Summer & Holly are wearing & Other Stories earrings

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